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Pam drilling pearls
Featured Entrepreneur, Nantucket Style

The Art of Pearls

Art is the focus during October on Nantucket, and in the G.S. Hill Gallery at 40 Straight Wharf, the spectacular paintings of island artist Gregory S. HIll hang next to displays of wearable art by the Nantucket Pearl Company. Collaborating with jewelry designer Pam Freitus, Judi Hill opened the Nantucket […]

Emily Brooke Rubin on Nantucket
Featured Entrepreneur, Nantucket Style

Shop within a Shop

On Centre Street, near where it crosses Broad by the Jared Coffin House, there is a unique store within a store. Two shops that were originally on Old South Wharf have been united under one roof at 40 Centre: Sweet Liddle and Emilly Brooke Rubin. You step through the front […]

Smiling Button Children's Clothes | Nantucket, MA
Featured Entrepreneur, Nantucket Style

Smiling Button

~ by Sarah Morneau ~ Take a stroll down Old South Wharf and iridescent bubbles float by you while pinwheels spinning lazily in the breeze catch your eye. You are intrigued, so you make your way down to the end of the shell lined path to where the bubbles are […]