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s•mac designs | Nantucket, MA

Eye on Style, s•mac designs

by Cara Godlesky Nantucket is known for its long history craftsmanship and handmade designs. Sarah Morneau, owner and designer of s•mac designs, continues the island’s traditions by handcrafting her own leather goods. Since 2008, Morneau creates leather purses, bags and key chains using just her hands and her sewing machine. …

Beekeeping on Nantucket

Bee Thankful for Local Beekeepers

by Cara Godlesky The average backyard beekeeper in Massachusetts reported an average of about 44% loss in their operations this winter, according to Bee Informed, a partner of the U.S Department of Agriculture. The winter months are harder on the insects, but the population of bees is seeing a decrease …