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Second Summer
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Welcome to Second Summer

Labor Day weekend is a transition period for the island. The first Monday in September marks the end of summer—droves will have left the island by then. It’s also the start of school, the beginning of fall. Shopping at the Stop and Shop will tell you it’s Autumn for sure (the Halloween candy is already out). But don’t rush to put on boots and drink pumpkin spice lattes just yet or you’ll miss one of the best “seasons” on-island.

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See the Island on Two Wheels

If you’ve spent any time at all on Nantucket this summer, you know it has been a hot one. All the surprising amounts of sun we’ve seen has driven people to bask in their air-conditioned cars and take a pass on the bike rides, so another thing you probably noticed was the increase in traffic. With September comes cooler weather, making this month the ideal time to get back on two wheels.

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Deadline September 12

September 12 is the deadline to enter the 2022 Yesterday’s Island Photo Contest. For more than a quarter century, this popular contest has been a fun and favorite way for residents and visitor to share their images of Nantucket Island. Any season, any view, as long as the photo was […]

Snapping Turtle | Nantucket, MA
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Help Team Turtle on Nantucket

Did you know that the ancestors of our Nantucket snapping turtles existed more than 40 million years ago?! These prehistoric-looking creatures are top predators in many aquatic systems and an important part of the present-day Nantucket ecosystem. Unfortunately, we may be “loving” them a little too much. Feeding practices, turtle handling, and otherwise harassing these wild animals has reached a fever pitch the past few years and local conservation and wildlife groups are hoping to do something about it. 

Cisco Brewers
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Brewing Up Some Fun

Nantucket isn’t a very big place, but it can still be hard to check everything off your must-see list during your summer stay. One island establishment that most seem to make it to, though, is Cisco Brewers.
There’s something for everyone at the brewery. It’s dog-friendly with beautiful views and tasty food, surrounded by sea breezes and lush gardens. There are puppet shows for the kids and live music for everyone, food trucks galore, and fun of all kinds. And of course, there’s Cisco’s long list of libations produced locally with love.

A Berry Good Season
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A Berry Good Season

July is upon us, and it’s high season on the island. When traffic is too much and you can’t find a parking spot by your favorite beach, it’s a perfect time to get out on one of the many trails around the island. We are fortunate that there are so many trails created and maintained by our dedicated conservation organizations. With efforts by the Nantucket Conservation Foundation, the Nantucket Land Bank, the Linda Loring Nature Foundation, Mass Audubon, the ‘Sconset Trust and more, we all have plenty of options to choose from.