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tomatoes | Nantucket, MA

Candy from a Vine

In the garden, a mourning dove calls. The heat of the day is already boasting of its strength, but there’s a slight wind with a gentle touch as it cools the sweat of my brow. The air is saturated and heavy, but the prize offers a brief reprieve in radiant red. It’s tomato season.

basil | Nantucket, MA

Red, White, & Basil

Independence day feels a little different this year. The country is divided. It seems as though you’re either blue or red with no room for indecision. In the garden things are much different. My borage is still blue, and my tomatoes will be red, but there are colors between. My summer and winter squash are a brilliant yellow. The Cosmos and Calendula are flamingo pink and fire orange. Broccoli of violet and beans of scarlet. I have sunflowers that are the color of a Madaket sunset, and peas that are as green as an Irish summer. There is diversity, there is middle ground, there is understanding and support. My “three sisters” bed is exploding with companionship. No plant is the same, but they all work together for the greater good. If only a country was as easily run as a garden is to manage.

apples | Nantucket, MA

Fall Fresh

by Maryjane Mojer Bartlett’s Ocean View Farm Most fruits and vegetables are available year round in any grocery store. Sure, there are displays that are seasonal: corn in the summer, asparagus in the spring, apples in the fall. Yet all of these can be found when they are not usually …

Tomatoes | Nantucket, MA

A Taste of Summer Sunshine

by Maryjane Mojer Bartlett’s Ocean View Farm “There are only two things that money can’t buy, and that’s true love and homegrown tomatoes.” — Guy Clark While the rest of New England is heading for orchards and loading up bags and baskets with apples and maple syrup, year-round and fall …

rosehips | Nantucket, MA

Where the Wild Things Are

by Carl Oscar Olson Before European settlers arrived on Nantucket, the island was inhabited by the indigenous Wampanoag people. They numbered in the thousands and thrived not only due to their cultivation of corn and beans, but because of the richness of the environment around them. With the convenience of …

grilled fish | Nantucket, MA

Feeling Lucky

by Maryjane Mojer Bartlett’s Ocean View Farm “The harder I work, the luckier I get.” And I’m feeling pretty lucky these days. I come from a family of workers. My Dad, a mechanic, felt his value was directly linked to what he could accomplish in a day. Retirement was not …

Dinner on the Deck | Nantucket, MA

Dinner on the Deck

by Maryjane Mojer Bartlett’s Ocean View Farm I live smack dab in the center of the island. People talk about increased traffic, crazy drivers, noisy neighbors and the like, but we’ve carved out this sweet little space on a cul de sac just outside of the hustle and bustle. We’re …

Summer Saturdays – Island Cooking

by Maryjane Mojer, Bartlett’s Ocean View Farm “The most amazing thing about getting to be a grandparent is that the very kids you made so many mistakes on (may have-could have-damaged irreparably) grow up and honor you by trusting you with their babies. Could there be greater grace?” Pure, joyful, …

Rums on Nantucket

Smooth Sailing Rums

by Advanced Sommelier Jenny Benzie Salt air breezes, toes in the sand, and sunshine on your face are all synonymous with island living on Nantucket, and no other spirit can make a cocktail that emulates life on an island quite like rum. Rum, made from sugarcane or a molasses product, …

oatmeal | Nantucket, MA

The Pulse of the Rock

by Maryjane Mojer Bartlett’s Ocean View Farm I haven’t really lived anywhere but Nantucket for any significant length of time. Not to say that I won’t. I have plans…oh, I have plans. I have no clue what they are but I’ve got ‘em. In the past few years, I find …