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Nantucket History & People

Book Festival | Nantucket, MA

Conducting an Orchestra

Writing Process of Alex Marzano-Lesnevich by Catherine Macallister Lovers of literature rejoice! The Eighth Annual Nantucket Book Festival is just around the corner. With events for all ages, more than 50 distinguished authors will call Nantucket home for three days from June 13 to 16, as they share their works …

Neil Cocker | Nantucket, MA

Neil Cocker on the Half Shell

by Jack Fritsch “Neil Cocker will bring us the freshest scallops in Nantucket, even if he’s the one who ends up getting frozen.” It is a pretty wild poster hanging in Stubby’s, an image once seen all around D.C., but did you ever wonder about the guy dripping icicles from …

Egan Maritime | Nantucket, MA

Continuing a Seafaring Legacy

During the peak of Nantucket’s whaling days it was a normal occurrence for island youth to head out to sea aboard a ship. Indeed, some might even say for the young men of Nantucket, it was expected. Slowly as the industry dwindled and whale oil was no longer in high …