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Great Fire
Nantucket History & People

When Flames Lit Up the Sky

Imagine standing on the steps of the Pacific National Bank of Nantucket at the top of Main Street early in the morning on July 14. You look toward the Harbor and see nothing before you but smoking ashes and the brickwork of the Pacific Club Building. To the left, the […]

Time Traveler’s experience.
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Be a Time Traveler

Families have a new way to explore Nantucket history with the Nantucket Historical Association’s new Time Traveler’s experience. The beautifully designed threepiece set includes a printed passport, coloring book, and journal and is intended to guide families to an adventure at of the NHA’s Historic Sites, which will be open […]

Susan Lister Locke
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Her Second Time On Easy Street

What began as a way to fulfill her creative spirit has grown to become a place on Nantucket where you can fulfill your dreams.
Susan Lister Locke is an island jewelry designer with a studio and shop at 28 Easy Street, across from the waterfront Easy Street park. For decades her stunning designs have been sought after to mark special occasions and the milestones of life, for heirloom pieces, and as special gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. She specializes in beautiful jewelry that is fun to wear and designed to be enjoyed.

Cape Verde in Our Soul
Nantucket History & People

Cape Verde in Our Soul

Expanding on a previous NHA display, Shoulders Upon Which We Stand, which explored the Cape Verde-Nantucket connection, this season the Nantucket Historical Association is presenting historic photos, mementos, and a mini-theater with short films based on recently conducted oral histories from Nantucket’s Cape Verde community. The Cape Verde archipelago off […]

G.S. Hill
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Capturing Tranquility

When I drove out to G.S. Hill’s home studio recently, it was a beautiful June day on Nantucket: warm with a light fog that muted sunshine and softened edges. As I walked across their lawn bordered by blueberry bushes and wild grapes that slopes gently down to a pond filled with fish, frogs, and turtles, I could see how the natural beauty surrounding his home must inspire this Nantucket painter.