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Gyp-Sea Café
Featured Restaurants

Fabulous Food with a Side of Harbor Views

Sitting by the beach on a hot summer’s day, enjoying fresh ocean breezes and beautiful views is one perfect way to savor Nantucket. And a short stroll from the heart of downtown you’ll find the seaside café where you can enjoy this quintessential island experience.
Gyp~Sea Café at Children’s Beach is operated by Abby Shaw and Stacey McEachern, the same successful duo who brought The Surf to Surfside Beach. New this season is covered seating on a beautiful garden patio surrounded by plantings and flowers. Now guests can be seated for breakfast or lunch at a table with harbor views just steps from the sand and be sheltered from the heat.

Brotherhood of Thieves
Featured Restaurants

You’re Sure to Come Back for More!

As far back as we can remember (and Yesterday’s Island goes back more than half a century), The Brotherhood of Thieves has been a local favorite. It first opened as a pub in 1972. Island residents and visitors have dined on burgers, fresh fish, curly fries, cheese plates, and beer in The Brotherhood spring, summer, and fall ever since, except for a pause during 2021, when we all feared this island landmark had closed for good.

Featured Restaurants

A Meal of Culinary Magic

Featured Restaurant: Dune by Suzanne Daub There’s a fine dining spot in downtown Nantucket that we look forward to with great anticipation every year. A restaurant where the chef-owner has mastered the magic of serving food that is dazzlingly good in an ambiance that is chic yet unpretentious, where guests […]

Nantucket Downyflake
Featured Restaurants

Go Where the Locals Love To Go

Downtown Nantucket, there’s an upscale restaurant on every block, most open only for dinner. Fine dining is a fun treat, but there’s no better way to start your day than with a delicious, well-cooked meal and friendly, welcoming service to fill your belly and warm your soul.

Maine Lobster - BLT Style | The Chanticleer
Featured Restaurants

Escape to Sconset

In all of our travels, there are only a few restaurants we’ve come across that combine fine dining and the hospitality of home. These places of picture- perfect calm and comfort are hard to come by and should be treasured and remembered. The Chanticleer is one such restaurant—an oasis of fine dining.

Featured Restaurants

Something for Everyone on Easy Street

Featured Restaurant: Easy Street Cantina by C. Oscar Olson With all the restaurants on Nantucket—and there are many—there are very few that can please every patron and every palate. There are even fewer that can provide ample seating for the whole family, be it indoors or out on a spacious […]

Petrichor Wine Bar
Featured Restaurants

Perfect Pairings & Plentiful Plates

Though we’ve been out to sea for years and years, it seems there is always something new to lay our eyes on. A new place to spot the sunset or a new beach to dip our toes into. Or, better yet, a restaurant new to us (but not new) where we can enjoy some fantastic culinary creations and libations.

Featured Restaurants

Inventive, Inspired, and Seriously Good

The old adage suggests
saving the best for last, and
there’s certainly wisdom in
that. The best should be studied
and savored. The best
takes time to truly understand
and appreciate. But time is
fleeting, which is why we enjoyed
the best as our first Featured
Restaurant of this
summer season.