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Never Miss a Beet

Celebrating their second summer season on South Water Street, Amy Young and Felino Samson have continued to create something superbly special. Featuring family-friendly, delicious dining in an easygoing atmosphere, their menu is filled with food that is as fantastic as it is fun. To put it simply: The Beet is not to be missed!

Black-Eyed Susan's | Nantucket, MA

September Dining Delights

It’s been said that September is the finest month on Nantucket. As summer turns to autumn, the weather is warm enough to enjoy the beach, downtown shops are hosting sales, evenings are cool and clear, and Black-Eyed Susan’s is still open for us all to enjoy their unique cuisine of …

Dune | Nantucket, MA

Dune It Right

There is no arguing the fact that this has been the most challenging summer in memory for island businesses, and harder still for for our many marvelous restaurants. From forced closures to takeout-only to better weather and expanded outdoor seating, it has been a roller coaster to say the least. By meeting the innumerable challenges head-on with constant adjustments and adaptations, Dune has never missed a beat.

Rose & Crown | Nantucket, MA

The Crown of Downtown

There is nothing quite like your hometown pub. You know the place: satisfying food and drink, smiling faces, and good times abound. They serve up some of the best things in life, something we could all use during these trying times. On Nantucket, there is one place that comes to mind where diners can fill their bellies and feed their souls, catch up with friends old and new, and feel right at home on their first visit. For all this and more, look no further than the Rose & Crown.

fifty-six Union | Nantucket, MA

Long Awaited Fifty-Six Reunion

Our visit to Fifty-Six Union left us feeling not only fully satisfied, but fully
comfortable with once again dining out of the house. Every precaution is taken
without sacrificing a single thing we’ve grown to love about this dining destination.
Call today to make Fifty-Six part of your island summer.

Ship's Inn | Nantucket, MA

Out from the Inn

Dining out is different this summer season. On Nantucket, the town, restaurant owners, and their neighbors have gone above and beyond to accommodate outdoor dining in spaces that in the past would be impossible. Still impossible for some, island restaurants with no outdoor spaces are working creatively to distance indoor tables and to offer meals to go. As people who love to go out to eat, we see all this as the opportunity to enjoy culinary delights from our favorite restaurants at our favorite island places.

Easy Street Cantina | Nantucket, MA

Seaside Dining for All

When it comes to finding food in downtown Nantucket, there are lots of great places to choose from. For us, outdoor dining is always ideal, and with more options than ever this summer, we’re starting to see a silver lining in everything we’ve been through. However, not all porches and patios are created equal. There is just one that comes complete with harbor views, sea breeze, spacious seating, and fast, friendly, family fun. There’s nothing on island like our own harborside oasis at Easy Street Cantina.

Sophie T’s | Nantucket, MA

Best Bites of 2019

by Carl Oscar Olson Though I’ve never been much of a sports fan, there are plenty of things in life that I am passionate about. That being said, eating has always come naturally to me, and if there was one fantasy list I could compile it certainly wouldn’t be an …