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Family Adventures on the Water

Nantucket, with its rich maritime history, natural beauty, and coastal vistas, offers a variety of adventures for families seeking memorable experiences on the water. Whether you’re casting lines for the day’s catch, learning to hoist the sails aboard historic vessels, or relaxing as you enjoy unparalleled views of our island […]

Swim Across America Nantucket swimmers running into ocean
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Swim to Fight Cancer

Nantucket is known for its pristine ocean water, and the island has a reputation as being one of the premier places in the nation for open water swimming. Since the early 1900s the island has been a destination spot for swim adventurers. Swimmers delight in Nantucket’s warm and calm summer […]

Salicornia, glasswort, on Nantucket
Island Science

Sea Pickles: A Tasty Saltmarsh Indicator

by Dr. Sarah Treanor Bois, PhDDirector of Research & Education at the Linda Loring Nature Foundation Chicken claws, sea beans, glasswort, sea asparagus—these are all common names for the same plant. With multiple species of glasswort worldwide, these plants are commonly called by their Latin genus, Salicornia. The word “salicornia” […]

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Our Third Place

essay by Robert P. Barsanti So far, in the middle of July, my best beach day featured a hooded sweatshirt, a makeshift wind block, and more than one tumble in a storm-driven surf. Everyone locked into traffic on I-84 would happily trade places with me, but this is not the […]

Ack Natural
Exploring Nantucket

Small Batch Craft Cannabis at Ack Natural

After a few years of solid growth and community support, Ack Natural, the dispensary at 19 Spearhead Drive, has added series of upgrades and expansions to their product offerings. Over the past winter, they have meticulously refined and diversified our range of products to better serve their valued customers on […]

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Celebrating Blue Skylines

This Friday, July 19, from 5 to 7 pm, the Artists Association of Nantucket (AAN) will host a reception celebrating their Blue Skylines exhibition in the Big Gallery. The exhibition opened July 12 and will be on display through Monday, July 29. “Blue Skylines focuses on large works by a […]

Nantucket Arts, Nantucket Events

Visions Together

In the heart of downtown Nantucket, the pulse of creativity beats strong as an extraordinary art exhibition has been mounted. The Gallery at Four India is showing the diverse and vivid expressions of three remarkable artists: Florence Putterman, Robert Dane, and Carl Lopes. Each brings unique perspective, and their work in different mediums weave a narrative that captivates the soul and ignites the imagination.