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Lady Slippers
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Look Out for Lady Slippers

It’s the time of year to hunt for one of my favorite spring flowers. No, not to pick, but to view and enjoy in the wild. The Pink Lady’s Slipper Orchid (or Lady Slipper Orchid), Cypripedium acaule, is emerging now in time to flower around Memorial Day. As the name implies, Lady Slipper Orchid flowers look like elegant pink ballet slippers. Of course, being a New England native orchid, these plants are much hardier that their delicate appearance implies. The Lady Slipper orchid is a hardy perennial that is able to withstand the brutal New England winters underground. The leaves emerge in springtime (usually early to mid-May) with the flowers visible late May to early June.

Wine Festival
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A Wine Journey One Glass at a Time

This weekend the annual Nantucket Food & Wine Festival draws hundreds of wine enthusiasts and fine dining connoisseurs to Nantucket Island. While the many NWF ticketed events promise to tantalize taste buds and delight oenophiles, Current Vintage is inviting the public to attend an intriguing series of ten tastings and events from May 16 to 18.

Go Bucktails!…
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Go Bucktails!

Yikes—it’s the second week of May and no Nantucket anglers have caught a striped bass yet! The first striper of 2023 showed up on May 3. I remember this well as my wonderful, crazy wife Beth landed it! She didn’t know that it was a big deal at the time. I certainly did. So here we are, us Nantucket fishing types, waiting in anticipation. Antici-paaaaaation…it’s keeping me waaaaaaaiting…

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The Color of Twilight and Heat of the Sun

Explorations of Nantucket—landscapes, seascapes, vistas of all types—will captivate visitors the the Artists Association of Nantucket’s new exhibit in their Big Gallery: The Color of Twilight. This display, which will include a variety of paintings, photography, and ceramics, opens Friday, May 17 and continues through mid-June. “This artist members exhibition […]

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Limerick Challenge

This series of limericks first appeared in a June 14, 1924 edition of a Nantucket newspaper. It all began when the Princeton Tiger revived the then well-known limerick printed first below and the Chicago Tribune answered with the second limerick. The New York Exchange went one step further with the […]

Just Like Old Times
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Just Like Old Times

Mid April on Nantucket will fluctuate from a spectacular sunny t-shirt only day to one that requires a hooded neoprene jacket just to get to the mailbox. The wind howls, the boats are cancelled, and the rain pounds down in a sideways manner, just to remind you to stay inside. Which is what reasonable Nantucket people will do, of course. But fishermen are not necessarily reasonable people. And this is how I found myself standing in waders in the North Head of the Hummock, hands numb, eyes watering, trying to cast an ultralight pond rig into a 30 knot wind.