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Nantucket Cottage Hospital | Nantucket, MA

Boston Pops for Nantucket on Saturday

When Nantucket Cottage Hospital opened the doors of its brand new hospital in February of 2019, it was clear that the new building would support greater access to healthcare for Nantucket year-round residents, summer residents, and visitors. What they did not expect are the challenges that a global pandemic would bring just over a year later. Covid-19 has brought many obstacles to Nantucket and the world, but Nantucket Cottage Hospital’s response and careful planning have helped our island community navigate these uncharted waters and come together in support of one another.

Discover Yourself & Help Fairwinds Help Others

The folks at Fairwinds, Nantucket’s own counseling center, suspect that all of us are capable of seeing even ourselves in a new light. Their Portrait Fundraiser aligns strongly with that idea—the idea that a portrait is not an act of creation, but an act of discovery. It’s a discovery of what is really there: the new and developing, as well as the familiar.

Nantucket Book Festival 2020

Reinventing a Festival during Times of Social Distancing

I haven’t left Nantucket since February 25th. But last week, I was on a houseboat on the River Thames. Since late February, I have been to high rises in New York City and the suburbs of Philadelphia. I’ve been to a yellow house in New Orleans, the rocky shore Nova Scotia, and the deserts of the American west. I’ve been on whaling ships and to one-room schoolhouses. I stopped by Tinker Creek, Virginia and Alaska in the 1970s…

Nantucket Arts Festival | Nantucket, MA

Island Arts Festival

by Catherine Macallister From Friday October 4 to Sunday October 13, Nantucket will celebrate the ample artistic, music, and cultural talents that are part of our island during the 25th annual Nantucket Arts Festival. The Nantucket Arts Council produces the event every year and is the island’s leading arts advocacy …

Cranberry Festival | Nantucket, MA

Celebrating the Cranberry Harvest

by Catherine Macallister One of the most highly anticipated events of the Fall is just around the corner. The Nantucket Cranberry Festival is celebrating its 16th year at Milestone Cranberry Bog, where you can learn all about organic cranberries and how they’re harvested. “People come to Nantucket specifically for the …

Fresh Festivities with Sustainable Nantucket

by Catherine Macallister How important is it to know where your food comes from and who made it? Sustainable Nantucket is a local non-profit organization dedicated to growing sustainable foods on Nantucket through a number of community programs. They operate under the mission: “To preserve the community character of Nantucket …

Nantucket’s Island Fair | Nantucket, MA

“By the Town, for the Town…”

by Catherine Macallister September on Nantucket is the island’s hidden secret: weather is still beautiful, ocean water is still swimmable, and the days are still warm with only the slightest breeze. The busy summer season is winding down but there is still plenty to take part in on-island. One exciting …