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littlenecks | Nantucket, MA
Island Cooking

Where It All Began

by Maryjane Mojer Bartlett’s Ocean View Farm My career in restaurants began as a waitress. Though not many believe it, I had always wanted to wait tables. It just seemed like such a great job. Active, busy, serving people great food. I started waitressing for Robin and EJ at EJ […]

Memorial Day | Nantucket, MA
Island Cooking

Memorial Day Memories

by Maryjane Mojer Bartlett’s Ocean View Farm When I was growing up on Nantucket, Memorial Day was not just a sign that school was almost over (it was) or that summer was just beginning (because at 8, summer actually was, I believed, Memorial Day to Labor Day). Memorial Day was […]

Pumpkin Roulade | Bartlett's Farm | Nantucket, MA
Island Cooking

Holiday Traditions

by Maryjane Mojer, Bartlett’s Farm Until I was fifty-four, I spent every Christmas on Nantucket. I’m not complaining even a little bit! First, at our family home on Pleasant Street, then in various rentals, in-laws, our own homes. We celebrated on-island, in large part, because of family. Though it may […]

Island Cooking

The Loneliest Raccoon

by Sarah Treanor Bois, Director of Research & Education for the Linda Loring Nature Foundation Last week an animal was seen on Nantucket that hadn’t been seen in at least a year. One mention of it on Facebook immediately garnered over 120 likes and comments. People wanted to know every […]

Island Cooking, Nantucket Style

Autumn Cocktail Twists

~ by Jenny Benzie, Advanced Sommelier + Certified Wine Educator, Proprietress of Épernay Wine & Spirits ~ As we transition from summer into autumn here on Nantucket Island, it is important to take advantage of what Mother Nature still has to offer. Temperatures begin to decrease a few degrees at night, the […]

Nantucket Cookbooks
Island Cooking

Bringing a Taste of Nantucket Home

With the summer season coming to a close, one way to bring Nantucket home with you (where ever home happens to be) is to take some favorite Nantucket recipes with you. Over the years a number of cookbooks have been published by Nantucket chefs and restaurateurs, as well as by […]

Cooking with Tomatoes | Nantucket, MA
Island Cooking

A Taste of Summer Sunshine

~ by Jessica Taryn Daub ~ Fresh tomatoes are a taste of summer sunshine, and the farms on Nantucket grow many varieties of delicious vine-ripened tomatoes: standard, heirloom, cherry, plum, and more! Our favorite way to partake is a tomato sandwich: thick, juicy slices sprinkled with sea salt and pepper […]