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Eye on Style, s•mac designs

by Cara Godlesky

s•mac designs | Nantucket, MA Nantucket is known for its long history craftsmanship and handmade designs. Sarah Morneau, owner and designer of s•mac designs, continues the island’s traditions by handcrafting her own leather goods.

Since 2008, Morneau creates leather purses, bags and key chains using just her hands and her sewing machine. Her designs are all original and versatile that can suit a multitude of styles and needs. Because she makes each bag individually, no two bags are alike.

s•mac designs | Nantucket, MA Morneau sources the leather for the bags from within the United States and uses only treated, durable materials. The interiors of the s•mac designs’ bags are lined with either brightly colored organic cotton or organic canvas while the outsides feature antique brass buttons.

“Handcrafted with love 30 miles out to sea,” s•mac designs sells a variety of leather bags including clutches, cross body bags, and tote bags that convert into backpacks. Many of the purses have removable straps, such as the cross body that can turn into a clutch.

s•mac designs | Nantucket, MA Morneau bases her creations off of her ideas of what she would want in a purse and see in a design. As she handcrafts her products, Morneau is thoughtful about the purses and the practically of the bags.

“I come up with the designs on my own, do the sketches, make the prototypes. Every step in the process is something that I’ve done,” said Morneau. “The designs are mine, the execution is mine, and I’m the one out there selling them so I think that makes it a really personal experience because you’re getting something that I put all my thought and effort into. It really is a labor of love.” s•mac designs also is known for its adaptable clutches that can turn into wristlets, hooked through a belt loop for those who want to be hands free or even clipped onto a bike.

s•mac designs | Nantucket, MA New this summer are s•mac designs’ multicolor tassel wristlets. The wristlets now come in vibrant yellow, orange, rust, bold magenta, light green, pale blue, and nautical navy. The wristlets have a zipper on the top and a tassel attached to the zipper that can be worn around the wrist. This little bag is lightweight and something easy to take to the bars or while grabbing dinner.

s•mac designs will be selling its convertible tote-backpack and 10% of the proceeds will go to Sailing Stork Fund, an organization dedicated to help Nantucket mothers with the costs of traveling off-island to deliver their babies due to medical emergencies.

s•mac designs also sells leather keychains and 100% of the proceeds from them will go to Sailing Stork Fund. Catch s•mac designs on Saturday’s at Sustainable Nantucket’s Farmers and Artisans Market, located downtown on Cambridge Street and North Union streets. The market is open from 9 am to 1 pm. You can also buy Morneau’s products online at www.smacdesigns.com or check her Instagram: @smacdesigns.

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