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Nantucket Style

Nantucket Diva Salon – Eye on Style

• by Sarah McNamara • A trip to the salon is all about helping you to look your best and feel beautiful in your own skin.  However, this experience can usually involve toxic and damaging chemicals and noxious fumes.  As people become more aware of the importance of eating organic […]

scrub oak store
Nantucket Style

Eye on Style – Scrub Oak

• by Sarah McNamara • As you are wandering down Easy Street, admiring the view of the harbor or enjoying an ice cream on one of the benches in front of the Easy Street basin, take a moment to turn away from the water and you’ll notice a courtyard lined […]

Nantucket Style

Summer Shades

The ultimate, year-round accessory that will never go out of style is a great pair of sunglasses. They are functional yet act as a statement piece, bringing together an outfit.  Sunglasses can make you look chic and stylish, even if you are trying to  hide the bags under your eyes […]

Arrowhead Nursery
Nantucket Style

Eye on Style – Arrowhead Nursery

• by Sarah McNamara • Summer is here, and soon guests will be flocking to your house to get a taste of island living.  Make sure to entertain your company with style and flair with help from Arrowhead Nursery and Showroom.  Many people think of Arrowhead as a place to […]

Peter Beaton Hats
Nantucket Style

Peter Beaton Hat Studio

• Eye on Style by Sarah McNamara • A hidden gem on Federal Street worth discovering, look for the discreet flower pot with a black and gold oval sign that will lead you away from the street and down a wooden footpath to a small courtyard that houses Peter Beaton […]

Island Weaves
Nantucket Style

Island Weaves – Eye on Style

• by Sarah McNamara • Take a stroll down the white shell-lined lane of Old South Wharf and you will find unique shops and quaint art galleries nestled together along the harbor, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of town.  If you’re lucky you may just happen to catch […]

Nantucket Style

The Hospital Thrift Shop

by Sarah McNamara Located on a one-way street lined with historic homes, just outside of the hustle and bustle of town, you’ll discover an island institution.   The Hospital Thrift Shop has been in operation since 1929, providing affordable gently used clothing, accessories, art, books, goods for the home and furniture […]

Nantucket Style

Emilly Brooke Rubin

by Sarah McNamara Tucked down on quaint Old South Wharf are two small shops full of amazing treasures waiting to be discovered, operated by the talented Emilly Rubin.  Emilly Brooke Rubin is her jewelry store, offering her original and exquisite collection of jewelry.  A few doors down is Sweet Liddle, […]

Nantucket Style

Milly and Grace

by Sarah McNamara Just off of Main Street, in an ivy covered building at 2 Washington Street, is a hidden treasure of a boutique called Milly and Grace. When you walk in the door, you are greeted by feminine florals, soft pinks, cozy grays, and a friendly smile to welcome […]