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Holiday Cooking with Island Chefs

Since the beginnings of the pandemic restrictions in March, there’s been a surge in home cooking. From sourdough everything to complicated pies and homestead recipes for foraged harvests, island residents have been spending more time than ever in their kitchens, experimenting and sharing successes.

Easy Street Cantina | Nantucket, MA

Seaside Dining for All

When it comes to finding food in downtown Nantucket, there are lots of great places to choose from. For us, outdoor dining is always ideal, and with more options than ever this summer, we’re starting to see a silver lining in everything we’ve been through. However, not all porches and patios are created equal. There is just one that comes complete with harbor views, sea breeze, spacious seating, and fast, friendly, family fun. There’s nothing on island like our own harborside oasis at Easy Street Cantina.

Easy Street Cantina | Nantucket, MA

Just Remember to Bring Your Appetite

by Carl Oscar Olson As New Englanders, we know well the sweet smell of seafood rising from our favorite seaside shacks and shanties. Every village and town along the coast is home to at least one, that famed destination where we slow down and fill up on the bounty from …

Easy Street Cantina | Nantucket, MA

It’s So Easy!

by Carl Oscar Olson When hunger starts calling, it can be a difficult thing to ignore. And sometimes, it can be even more of a challenge to satisfy it. There is one place on Nantucket where no matter what your craving demands, at almost any time of day or night, …