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Hostetler Gallery - Feminine Mystique
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Mystique of the Feminine in Art

This Saturday, July 23, from 6 to 8 pm, celebrate the female form at the new exhibit in Hostetler Gallery at 42 Centre Street entitled Feminine Mystique. Featuring paintings by Donna Isham, photography by Alyssa Fortin, and David Hostetler’s sculptures of the female form, the event promises to inspire discussion […]

David Hostetler | Nantucket
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A Night of Art

David Hostetler—painter, printmaker, wood carver, sculptor, musician— was very much a part of the Nantucket art scene and community for nearly half a century. His work is in museums, galleries, and private collections around the world. He was known for capturing the feminine form and spirit in his art, for […]

David Hostetler
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Mid-Life Crisis – David Hostetler

Mid-century sculptures meet 21st century paintings and sculptures in this new exhibit at Hostetler Gallery, 42 Centre Street. Artist and sculptor David Hostetler celebrates his 89th birthday this December; he considers it his 90th year. Featured in this new exploration is a selection of wood and bronze sculptures created from […]

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Face Off: Hostetler & Werger

Two distinctly different artists—each working in different mediums with laser vision, a drive to express, and mastery of their crafts—are being featured this week at The Hostetler Gallery at 42 Centre Street. Entitled Face Off, this exhibition opens with a reception on Friday, July 24 from 6 to 8 pm. […]

Hostetler Gallery | Nantucket, MA
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An Evening of Art and Luxury

Jane’s Vanity is bringing the latest seasonal collections of hand-crafted European lingerie, loungewear, and accessories to Hostetler Gallery at 42 Centre Street for an exclusive two-day trunk show. Be surrounded by David Hostetler paintings that incorporate actual women’s lingerie and prints of lingerie images, while shopping for the newest romantic […]

Quidnet Path by Susan Jositas at Sosebee Studios | Nantucket | MA
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7 Nantucket Art Events in Autumn

October is filled with opportunities to appreciate art on Nantucket. Several wonderful galleries will be showing both new and long-loved art. During Columbus Day weekend, Artists Association of Nantucket will host their annual Wet Paint Weekend, and Nantucket Community Music Center (NCMC) will host their famous Pipe Organ Crawl. Several […]

Xanda McCagg | Opening reception | Nantucket | MA
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Abstract Art of Xanda McCagg

This Friday, August 22, from 6 to 8 pm, Hostetler Gallery at 42 Centre Street will host the opening of an exhibition of vibrant, energetic abstract paintings by internationally known artist Xanda McCagg. McCagg’s paintings challenge the imagination and create a setting of conversation with the sculptures in the room, […]

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Art Werger Show Opens Aug. 2

Hostetler Gallery presents the unique work of Art Werger, leading American master of mezzotint and aquatint, which are old world techniques used to create modern images. Subjects are drawn in a realistic manner but are often observed from an unusual angle, placing the viewer into an active relationship with the […]