David Hostetler
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Mid-Life Crisis – David Hostetler

David Hostetler Mid-century sculptures meet 21st century paintings and sculptures in this new exhibit at Hostetler Gallery, 42 Centre Street.

Artist and sculptor David Hostetler celebrates his 89th birthday this December; he considers it his 90th year. Featured in this new exploration is a selection of wood and bronze sculptures created from 1948 to 1975 coupled with his recent sculptures and paintings.
This exhibit is a unique opportunity to see the transitions and consistencies of Hostetler’s style. The earlier sculptures are more folk-like in stance and form. His inspiration was American wood sculptor Eli Nadelman. There is use of color, which he maintains throughout his career: formal in earlier works, bold and abstract in his newest painted woods. In 2015, in a creative burst he carved 3 woods.

David Hostetler His paintings focus on one image—the IKON. A break from his muted palette, these canvases gleam like stained glass, some have a mosaic quality with bold brush strokes of color. The IKON theme stems from his latest public sculpture commissioned for The Sheffield at 322 West 57th St. between 8th and 9th avenue. A 13 foot tall bronze with his classic Hostetler head shape. Fearlessly, Hostetler painted 4 canvases with no figure, all abstract color statements with color and texture being the focus.

Historically, many artists grow bolder in late age and produce their best works. The crisis is that David feels there’s not enough time to produce all the images he wants to carve and paint. What would you tell him to deal with this mid-life crisis? Join him in his gallery at 42 Centre Street for an artist reception this Friday, August 7 from 6-8 pm. Show ends Thursday, August 13.

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