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Young Peoples Writing Contest
Nantucket Events

Writing Contest Challenges Young Authors

Nantucket’s past is full of exciting adventures and intriguing tales.  From June 22 through July 23, young writers have the opportunity to explore the island’s history and to use their imaginations to write stories that could win one of several prizes.  The Antiques Depot is kicking off their annual Antique […]

Arrowhead Nursery
Nantucket Style

Eye on Style – Arrowhead Nursery

• by Sarah McNamara • Summer is here, and soon guests will be flocking to your house to get a taste of island living.  Make sure to entertain your company with style and flair with help from Arrowhead Nursery and Showroom.  Many people think of Arrowhead as a place to […]

Bike Paths on Nantucket
Nantucket Events

Party on the Bike Path

At noon this Saturday, June 15, a ribbon will be cut and the new Hummock Pond Road Bike Path will officially be open for use by cyclists and pedestrians.  The celebration will be held at the intersection of Bartlett Farm and Hummock Pond roads, and will include a picnic, a […]

Island Cooking

Basic & Delicious

• by Jenn Farmer • Sometimes the simple things end up being more elegant than ever anticipated.  I was at a loss for dinner ideas one night recently, and people were already invited over.  I had a lot to work with, but sometimes inspiration is lacking.  At first I contemplated […]

Nantucket Preservation Trust
Nantucket Events

Honoring Stewardship

Nantucket Preservation Trust Awards For seven years, the Nantucket Preservation Trust has awarded Preservation Awards to recognize those who have advanced the cause of preservation through their renovation work and stewardship of Nantucket buildings and historic landscapes. The 2013 NPT’s awards highlight restorations, sensitive additions to historic buildings, and the […]

Father's Day
Nantucket Essays

Father to Son

• by Robert P. Barsanti • At the Downyflake last weekend, I noticed that I took my coffee in the same way that my father did, regular with too much cream.  He drank his coffee every morning with the same slobbers of sugar and milk building up on the table […]

Tony Wu
Nantucket Events

Hot Tickets

Tickets are now on sale for two Nantucket events that are sure to be sell-outs:  an evening with acclaimed underwater diver and photographer Tony Wu, hosted by the Nantucket Historical Association on July 8, and the ever-popular Boston Pops on Nantucket concert, hosted by the Nantucket Cottage Hospital on August […]

Go Figure Nantucket
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Getting a Dancer’s Body at the Barre

• by Sarah Teach • We all know someone like her: she’s that leggy woman with the long, slender arms, tight abs, and poised countenance.  What’s her secret?  It very well could be The Figure Method™ of Go Figure Barre Studios.  Twelve years ago, classically trained ballerina Cindy Sites opened […]

Sussex Garden
Nantucket Events

A Rare View of Private Gardens

On Thursday, June 20, from 10 am to 4 pm, the public is invited to visit six private gardens on Nantucket Island, during the Garden Conservancy’s Open Days program.  Admission to each garden is $5.  The Open Day is rain or shine, and no reservations are required. A portion of […]

Portuguese Man o' War
Island Science

Bluebottle Washashore-Portuguese Man o’ War

• by Dr. Sarah D. Oktay, Managing Director UMass Boston Nantucket Field Station • As a washashore myself, I hope I am a little more welcome than this week’s creature. Two weeks ago, two Clean Team volunteers helping out on a Madaket Beach clean-up ( came upon a relatively common […]