The Nantucket Historical Association celebrates diversity on April 12.
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Celebrating Diversity on Nantucket

The Nantucket Historical Association (NHA) will celebrate the diversity of people and cultures on our small island this Sunday, April 12, from 5 to 7 pm, with the first installment of Our Nantucket, a new diversity series at the Whaling Museum.

Focused on highlighting the rich and varied cultures that make up the island community, each Our Nantucket program will celebrate a different country highlighting some of the many cultures of today’s Nantucketers. This month, the NHA will celebrate the country of Nepal with an evening of food, song, dance, and more.

“Throughout its history, and into the present day, Nantucket has been home to an extraordinarily diverse mix of people from across the globe,” says Marjan Shirzad, Director of Visitor Experience. “We here at the Nantucket Historical Association are thrilled to celebrate this diversity with a new series allowing us to engage with friends, neighbors, and community members in fresh and exciting ways. Each evening of this series will feature tastes and sounds from faraway lands, and all of the events will share the common thread of getting to know each other and learning about different cultures in an inspiring atmosphere.”

On Sunday, April 12 at Our Nantucket: Celebration of Nepal, audiences will be treated to a variety of performances; including Cyrus Peirce Middle School student Nischal Khatri playing classical Nepalese violin songs, Shradha KC performing a Nepalese dance, and Kathmandu-based musician Shyam Nepali (a fourth-generation sarangi player) playing classical Nepalese music on a traditional string instrument.

In addition, a variety of Nepalese food will be served at the celebration, including momo (Nepalese dumplings), basmati rice and curry, and sikarni (a yogurt and fruit dessert). Specially-prepared chai (tea with spices and milk) will also be served throughout the evening.

“It has been such a pleasure to work with the NHA to spotlight Nepal and our Nepalese community on Nantucket,” says Sunil Suwal, a leading community organizer for the event. “I look forward to coming together on April 12 to enjoy all the best Nepal has to offer!”

“The NHA is thrilled to be partnering with the local Nepalese community to present an evening at the Whaling Museum celebrating Nepal,” says Corey Fabian Borenstein, NHA Public Programs Coordinator. “This program will be the first in our series of Our Nantucket programs, all celebrating the vibrant cultural community of Nantucket, and we’re so excited to be starting the series off with this incredible night. There’s no better way to spend a Sunday night in April, so please join us!”

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