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Nantucket Plate to Benefit Island Kids

Massachusetts car owners now have an opportunity to make any car an island car, regardless of where they live. After years of trying to show his island pride on his automobile, Robert Sarkisian, a local businessman and active community member, has received the approval needed to begin collecting applications for […]

tent catepillar
Island Science

Dang It, I am not a Gypsy Moth!

Today’s subject could easily be the star of a B horror movie from the 50’s. Several people have asked me about them lately so let’s jump in and discover which creature uses polarizing light special effects, employs biochemical weapons and advanced scent trails, lies quietly over winter, then pops out […]

Island Cooking

Greatest Hits & Misses

• by Jenn Farmer • No matter how great or fastidious a chef is, they have had some recipes that were not hits.  Usually the inspiration happens over a couple of pints or after having some ethereal food experience.  No matter how they arrive there, they either come up with […]

Six Degrees of Separation
Nantucket Events

Six Degrees of Spectacular

• by Sarah Teach • It was 1983 when the brilliant and accomplished young con man was chewing his way through the Upper East Side’s upper crust. Nineteen-year-old David Hampton turned the same trick several times over: he’d visit a wealthy household masquerading as a college friend of that family’s […]

The Sky's the Limit Camp
Nantucket Events

Sky’s the Limit for Island Kids

Plans are taking flight for “The Sky’s the Limit,” Nantucket’s annual aviation camp, which is being sponsored by the Nantucket Flying Association (NFA.) This one-week experience, set for June 24 through June 28, from 9 am to 5 pm, will have many new activities, including an Evening with the Astronomer […]

Alexa Hampton
Nantucket Events

Designer Royalty

The Nantucket Historical Association’s second annual Designer Luncheon will feature special guest Alexa Hampton on Thursday, July 18 at 11:30 am in the Great Harbor Yacht Club, 96 Washington Street, Nantucket. “The Nantucket Historical Association is so pleased to welcome Alexa Hampton to the island this summer,” says Anne Marie […]

Cherry Blossom Corsage
Nantucket Essays

Hope & Cherry Tree

• by Robert P. Barsanti • The good news finally arrived this weekend.  It came over with a wedding party on a rocking ferry in a thick, thirty-degree fog on Friday.  We had prepared for more bad news this weekend; we lined up polar fleece, long pants, sweaters, and a […]

Island Cooking

An Adventurous Week for Foodies

• by Jenn Farmer  • Spring Restaurant Week on Nantucket starts Monday June 3, and it’s a great opportunity to journey out and seek new foods, and new venues.  So plan a date night, get the dog a sitter, call some friends, take out the family, or just relax and […]

Summer Camps on Nantucket
Nantucket Events

Summer Fun for Kids

There’s much more for children to do during summer vacation than just go to the beach—several island organizations offer programs to engage your children in activities that are educational and fun.  Here is a sampling of classes and workshops that  kids can attend for a few days or a full […]

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Gray Seal Population: Plague or Pleasure?

• by Sarah Teach • For many Americans, seals are little more than a childhood memory of a visit to the zoo. But for residents of Nantucket Island, the blubbery marine mammals are quickly becoming a topic of discussion saved only for trusted company. At the core of a growing […]