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Nantucket Cottage Hospital | Nantucket, MA
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Boston Pops for Nantucket on Saturday

When Nantucket Cottage Hospital opened the doors of its brand new hospital in February of 2019, it was clear that the new building would support greater access to healthcare for Nantucket year-round residents, summer residents, and visitors. What they did not expect are the challenges that a global pandemic would bring just over a year later. Covid-19 has brought many obstacles to Nantucket and the world, but Nantucket Cottage Hospital’s response and careful planning have helped our island community navigate these uncharted waters and come together in support of one another.

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Experience Travel with International Wines

The diversity of wines, from different regions and grape varieties, is what makes them all special and unique. Each wine has its own story and history of where it came from, how it was made, and about the land and people who helped to shape it into what it becomes. Much like a community of people, it takes a village to raise these wines to experience and grow in a safe and healthy environment.

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Holiday Highlights

by Jenny Benzie, Advanced Sommelier of Épernay Nantucket is the most magical island for celebrating the holidays in a quintessential New England style. From joyful strolling on the cobblestone streets and festive holiday shopping in warm, welcoming shoppes, to ringing in the New Year with a nautical theme, there are […]

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Blissful Beverages

by Jenny Benzie, Advanced Sommelier of Épernay If you weren’t already filled with joy just by being on Nantucket, your heart will overflow with abundance attending a wedding or getting hitched here yourself. The beauty of the isle provides the perfect backdrop to what is considered the best day of […]

September Sips | Nantucket, MA
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September Sips

by Jenny Benzie, Advanced Sommelier of Épernay It has often been said many times that the island of Nantucket takes a big sigh as soon as the month of September begins. Time to catch up on whatever was left behind to enjoy summer days and also an opportunity to gently […]

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End-of-Summer Sips

by Jenny Benzie, Advanced Sommelier of Épernay While Labor Day weekend may mark the end of summer for some, it is the beginning of a new drinking season for others. Gone are the days of crisp, mineral-driven wines. Lighter style reds take a back seat to ones that have more […]

Nantucket: The MusACKal | Nantucket, MA
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You’ll Have a Whale of a Time

by Catherine Macallister At a time where historically–based musicals are taking Broadway by storm, it seems fitting that a Nantucket musical should make its way to the island. “I don’t love the pun,” says the Lady Grey, narrator of Nantucket: The MusACKal, already drawing chuckles from the audience as she […]