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Schustick at the NHA | Nantucket
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NHA Welcomes Back Bill Schustik

The island’s favorite troubadour Bill Schustik returns to Nantucket on Monday, August 17 at 6 pm in the Whaling Museum, 13 Broad Street. In a lively one-man performance, Schustik delivers a troubadour’s tribute to summer with music and stories that reflect the glorious summer season on Nantucket. Schustik brings us […]

Ann Rose, Artist | Nantucket Artists Association
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Anne Rose at Robert Foster

Artist Anne Rose seeks to convey the essence of the person within her paintings. Color has a great deal to do with the process. With color and her excellent draftsmen skills she recreates, imagines and captures the secret quality that lives within us all. She develops each painting as a […]

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Actor John Shea Stars as Captain Ahab

“An adventure in theatre going. As I left the first performance I felt myself rather oddly shaky and breathless…There is nothing else anywhere near like Moby Dick in the theatre.” — The New York Daily News Written by Orson Welles, Moby-Dick Rehearsed celebrates the enduring legacy of Herman Melville’s masterpiece […]

David Hostetler
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Mid-Life Crisis – David Hostetler

Mid-century sculptures meet 21st century paintings and sculptures in this new exhibit at Hostetler Gallery, 42 Centre Street. Artist and sculptor David Hostetler celebrates his 89th birthday this December; he considers it his 90th year. Featured in this new exploration is a selection of wood and bronze sculptures created from […]