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2014 Nantucket Cranberry Festival

What New Englander doesn’t love cranberries? Nantucketers are no exception. Island residents have cultivated cranberries for over 150 years, and today, the island is home to two cranberry bogs, including one of the nation’s only organic bogs. In celebration of this tart, tradition-steeped red berry, the Nantucket Conservation Foundation (NCF) […]

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Celebrating A New England Tradition – Cranberries

The Nantucket Conservation Foundation’s 11th Annual Cranberry Festival will have approximately 880 million guests of honor. On Saturday October 12, 2013 from 11 am to 4 pm, the little red honorees will be on full display as they are harvested in the traditional way out at Milestone Cranberry Bog. Festival […]

Tony Wu
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Hot Tickets

Tickets are now on sale for two Nantucket events that are sure to be sell-outs:  an evening with acclaimed underwater diver and photographer Tony Wu, hosted by the Nantucket Historical Association on July 8, and the ever-popular Boston Pops on Nantucket concert, hosted by the Nantucket Cottage Hospital on August […]

Apple Blossoms
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The Diversity of Island Life

Every other year, Nantucket Biodiversity Initiative Assessment Week offers naturalists, researchers, and the public the chance to help document the many exciting and amazing species on Nantucket Island.  From Wednesday, May 16 until Monday, May 22, a variety of walks and talks will be offered both during the day and […]

Tournament fishing
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Intermittent Rewards & Lasting Memories

Tournament fishing is lots of fun here on Nantucket. We have a variety of contests for the local beach anglers, and I enjoy them all. Things get started with the Spring Sea Run Opener, an event that begins when someone catches the first searun striped bass of the year from the beach. That tournament runs until the end of May. The inaugural August Blues tournament is currently underway. It’s been an absolute blast, except that I’m sitting here at my keyboard, lamenting the fact that Gray Malitsky just knocked me out of first place for the biggest bluefish. Ouch. And before we can catch our collective breath from fishing that fun event, the big daddy of them all, the Nantucket Inshore Classic, will soon be kicking off. It will run for the five weeks between Labor Day and Columbus Day. That tournament is the Super Bowl of Nantucket fishing and I just can’t wait for it to get underway!

Natalie OBrien with striper
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Fishing with Dad

There are certainly some interesting sights to be seen on Nantucket beaches these days. Now hold on just a minute…I’m not commenting on the new law that allows everyone to run around topless. It’s still a bit chilly for that anyway, don’t you think? No, the interesting sight that I saw is good, G-rated and beautiful (um, not that the other won’t be, perhaps). Just let me explain before I dig this hole any deeper.

Steve Tornovish with Fish
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Spring Training

You’ve waited all winter, dreaming of getting back out there for the new season. You’ve relived moments from the past season, moments of success, of failure, dreaming endlessly of what could have been. But that was then, this is now. It’s time for the 2023 fishing season to get going.