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The Last Five Years | Theatre Workshop of Nantucket |Nantucket | MA
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A Musical for Grown-Ups, The Last Five Years

• by Sarah Teach • Marriages end for many reasons. Loss of connection, lack of mutual respect and support, extramarital affairs. Sometimes it is a mixture of all of those, as is seen in the saga of Cathy Hiatt and Jamie Wellerstein. Currently being shown by Theatre Workshop of Nantucket […]

Antiques Depot | Nantucket | MA
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Buying a Piece of History at the Antiques Depot

• by Julianne Adams • For the last 25 years, professional curators to young children have cultivated their passion for antiques at the Antiques Depot. In the business of historical items, Antiques Depot is so named for the history surrounding its location. The multi-room store, parceled with items from past […]

Cindy Pierce | Comedy Festival Monday | Nantucket | MA
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Comic Storyteller – Cindy Pierce

• by Sarah Teach • Cindy Pierce just can’t help herself; she is an “incident magnet.” From childhood toilet episodes to recent mishaps in the bedroom, her audaciousness has translated into laughs for everyone who has heard her recount her experiences. Ten years ago, Pierce’s friends finally insisted that she […]

Tom Cotter | Nantucket Comedy Festival | Nantucket | MA
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Nantucket Ex-Cop Is Killer Comic

• by Sarah Teach • Funnyman Tom Cotter will return to the island for the 7th annual Nantucket Comedy Festival. The former island police officer and runner-up on 2012’s America’s Got Talent (AGT) will entertain the masses with his rapid-fire stand-up on Friday, July 18, alongside the writers, producers and […]