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Nantucket Style

Nantucket by Design | Nantucket Historical Association

Nantucket by Design

Nantucket Island is defined by its rare beauty and unique history. That beauty is alive in the gorgeous groomed hedges of ‘Sconset to the untamed splendor of the seemingly endless conservation land. Much of this beauty is achieved by design, so in celebration, the Nantucket Historical Association is hosting a …

Baked Clams | Nantucket, MA

Diggin’ Clams

~ by Jessica Taryn Daub ~ The humble clam. Unpretentious and drab, these little bivalves have been a staple in the diet of coastal northeasterners for centuries. They bring the essence of the sea to your table and can be made the hero of an innumerable amount of dishes. Whether …

Pairing Wine & Chocolate | Nantucket, MA

Wine & Chocolate!

~ by Jenny Benzie Advanced Sommelier + Certified Wine Educator, Proprietress of Épernay Wine & Spirits ~ You love finding the time to curl up on your beach blanket under your wide brimmed sun hat and reading a book from any one of the esteemed authors that you met during …

Antique Sextants | Nantucket, MA

Navigating the Seas

Nantucket whalers circled the world, exploring unknown oceans, charting their way navigating by the sun and stars. We all hold an iconic image from the days of sail of a captain fixing his position with a sextant. Fans of Patrick O’Brian or Horatio Hornblower recall the recurring scenes of a …