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An Evening of Art, Wine, & Conversation

“What I love about the camera is its ability to capture the beauty of light. When we free ourselves and accept its inherent technical inefficiencies, the camera lets us experience images that our deft eyes will not let us see. The camera gifts us with moments that makes one marvel at the multi-dimensional world around us.”

Kenyan born American artist Mohamed Yakub’s artistic vision will be on display starting this Thursday, July 6 in The Hostetler Gallery, when Susan Hostetler features his stunning Kimonos during her first 2023 Art and Wine Sensory Experience from 5 to 7 pm. Also featured will be a tasting of South African wines poured by Nantucket’s Current Vintage.

Passionate about his photography, Yakub, is inspired by the form and function of Japanese kimonos: the exhibit that opens Thursday will focus on four of his pieces. Adorned with beautiful colors and images based on photographs he has taken around New York, Yakub’s sees the kimono as “the ultimate canvas,” and a symbol of cultural universality. He explained: “I found that my work actually mimicked the norms and traditions of kimono decoration and also, I was not alone in reinterpreting the kimono. In Japan, there is a strong movement toward bringing the kimono into the 21st century. I also discovered that the interpretation of colors is similar in a lot of cultures in the world.”

Located in downtown at 42 Centre Street, Hostetler Gallery exhibits sculpture, paintings, photography and fine art prints, with a focus on the sculpture of David Hostetler. Throughout the 2023 season, the gallery will display up and coming as well as mature artist’s works celebrating the human form, the abstract and color.

Hostetler Gallery • Open daily at 42 Centre Street •

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