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Quidnet Path by Susan Jositas at Sosebee Studios | Nantucket | MA
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7 Nantucket Art Events in Autumn

October is filled with opportunities to appreciate art on Nantucket. Several wonderful galleries will be showing both new and long-loved art. During Columbus Day weekend, Artists Association of Nantucket will host their annual Wet Paint Weekend, and Nantucket Community Music Center (NCMC) will host their famous Pipe Organ Crawl. Several […]

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A Picasso

• by Sarah Teach • Picasso sits alone in a dingy brick basement with the trappings of an interrogation room. Cold concrete floors. Bare light bulbs. A single table flanked by upright chairs, designed for discomfort. But the oddity of this interrogation room is that stacks of paintings line both […]

Red | Theatre Workshop of Nantucket
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Red – A Play by John Logan

• by Sarah Teach • Twentieth century artists frame the fall lineup at Theatre Workshop of Nantucket. Showing in repertory with Jeffrey Hatcher’s A Picasso is playwright John Logan’s Red, which dramatizes a defining period in the life of abstract expressionist painter Mark Rothko. A Picasso and Red share the […]

The Last Five Years | Theatre Workshop of Nantucket |Nantucket | MA
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A Musical for Grown-Ups, The Last Five Years

• by Sarah Teach • Marriages end for many reasons. Loss of connection, lack of mutual respect and support, extramarital affairs. Sometimes it is a mixture of all of those, as is seen in the saga of Cathy Hiatt and Jamie Wellerstein. Currently being shown by Theatre Workshop of Nantucket […]