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Robert Foster Fine Art

Clara Urbahn | Nantucket, MA

Critters from the Imagination of a Local Legend

During an interview we did with artist Clara Urbahn in 1999, she told us that her mother “trained us to look through a window and see everything as a painting…It was a wonderful way to start life off, as if you’re living in a painting…” Judging from her current exhibition …

Ann Rose, Artist | Nantucket Artists Association

Anne Rose at Robert Foster

Artist Anne Rose seeks to convey the essence of the person within her paintings. Color has a great deal to do with the process. With color and her excellent draftsmen skills she recreates, imagines and captures the secret quality that lives within us all. She develops each painting as a …

Quidnet Path by Susan Jositas at Sosebee Studios | Nantucket | MA

7 Nantucket Art Events in Autumn

October is filled with opportunities to appreciate art on Nantucket. Several wonderful galleries will be showing both new and long-loved art. During Columbus Day weekend, Artists Association of Nantucket will host their annual Wet Paint Weekend, and Nantucket Community Music Center (NCMC) will host their famous Pipe Organ Crawl. Several …