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Nantucket Style

Eye on Style, Lorene Ireland

Many people think of Old South Wharf as a haven for artists and art lovers, with lots of quaint and unique galleries to peruse and a beautiful view of the harbor to get those creative juices flowing. But Old South Wharf is also a great location for fashion and style…and […]

Peter Beaton Hats
Nantucket Style

Peter Beaton Hat Studio

• Eye on Style by Sarah McNamara • A hidden gem on Federal Street worth discovering, look for the discreet flower pot with a black and gold oval sign that will lead you away from the street and down a wooden footpath to a small courtyard that houses Peter Beaton […]

Island Weaves
Nantucket Style

Island Weaves – Eye on Style

• by Sarah McNamara • Take a stroll down the white shell-lined lane of Old South Wharf and you will find unique shops and quaint art galleries nestled together along the harbor, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of town.  If you’re lucky you may just happen to catch […]

Nantucket Style


There’s a new store in town, bringing a fresh and vibrant approach to Nantucket’s various collection of shops. Young, enthusiastic, and ever-stylish owner Laura Elkman opened her beachy chic boutique, Dakota, this past April on Old South Wharf.  A store unlike any other on the island, Laura stocks a colorful […]