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Food Fit for a President

• by Chef Jenn Farmer • For some unknown reason my son and I have a fascination with American history, specifically, the presidents.  We both have always enjoyed history, so that is no surprise, but I think our multiple state museum spree has had a lot to do with fueling […]

Island Cooking

Patriotic Food

• by Chef Jenn Farmer • A few days ago I was in Boston.  Before I got anywhere near Boylston Street, I began to feel a little overwhelmed by emotions.   I began to think about all the everyday heroes that I know and look up to.  The first to come […]

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Surfside’s Ocean View

• by Frances Ruley Karttunen • Surfside is a product of Nantucket’s search for a new way to make money in the latter half of the 1800s. After the Great Fire of 1846, Nantucket experienced a swift decline from its former prosperity.  Whales were growing ever scarcer and voyages to […]

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Gray Seal Population: Plague or Pleasure?

• by Sarah Teach • For many Americans, seals are little more than a childhood memory of a visit to the zoo. But for residents of Nantucket Island, the blubbery marine mammals are quickly becoming a topic of discussion saved only for trusted company. At the core of a growing […]

John Austin Nantucket
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Art & History Meet

On Friday, May 24, from 5 to 7 pm, the Artists Association of Nantucket and the Nantucket Historical Association will celebrate the opening  of John Austin: One Artist’s Nantucket. This collaborative exhibition will be held in the Whitney Gallery at the NHA Research Library, 7 Fair Street, and features works […]