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Fifty-Six Union
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Final Weeks for Fun at Fifty-Six

by Carl Oscar Olson As the saying goes, “nothing good ever lasts,“ and this is especially true for many of Nantucket’s much-loved eateries. Leases run out, head chefs move on, or it simply comes time to retire from it all. If you’ve never dined with some of our favorite islanders […]

fifty-six Union | Nantucket, MA
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Long Awaited Fifty-Six Reunion

Our visit to Fifty-Six Union left us feeling not only fully satisfied, but fully
comfortable with once again dining out of the house. Every precaution is taken
without sacrificing a single thing we’ve grown to love about this dining destination.
Call today to make Fifty-Six part of your island summer.

Fifty-Six Union | Nantucket, MA
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Fifty-Six Reasons Why

by Carl Oscar Olson Everyone loves a package deal, but sometimes the best of everything is a challenge to find. Fine dining often entails stuffy settings and uncomfortable clothes, but not at Fifty-Six Union. Owners Wendy and Peter Jannelle have found the formula—classy yet comfortable, simple, stylish, and so much […]

Fifty Six Union | Nantucket, MA
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A Perfect Union

by C. Oscar Olson The chance to enjoy the outdoors is truly a treat when dining at a restaurant. Especially on Nantucket where the evenings are cool and comfortable, the right setting can immeasurably enhance every aspect of the event. The atmosphere is more fun and more personal, conversation is […]