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Antique Sextants | Nantucket, MA
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Navigating the Seas

Nantucket whalers circled the world, exploring unknown oceans, charting their way navigating by the sun and stars. We all hold an iconic image from the days of sail of a captain fixing his position with a sextant. Fans of Patrick O’Brian or Horatio Hornblower recall the recurring scenes of a […]

Antique's Depot Writing Competition | Nantucket, MA
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An Engaging Tale

~ by Sam Bovard ~ This is the winning entry in the 2014 Antiques Depot Writing Competition, Age 11-13 Category The day the war ended was a day that brought relief and happiness to Miss Penelope Green. She was happy that the Union won, but her real excitement was the […]

Antique's Depot Writing Competition | Nantucket, MA
Nantucket Arts, Nantucket Events

Antique’s Depot Writing Competition

The Antiques Depot is hosting its fourth annual writing competition, encouraging young people and teens to explore the world of rare and special antique objects, and learn about our culture and history, while encouraging their creative imagination. The competition involves writing a fictional piece about an object they find in […]

Antiques Depot | Nantucket | MA
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Buying a Piece of History at the Antiques Depot

• by Julianne Adams • For the last 25 years, professional curators to young children have cultivated their passion for antiques at the Antiques Depot. In the business of historical items, Antiques Depot is so named for the history surrounding its location. The multi-room store, parceled with items from past […]

Young Peoples Writing Contest
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Writing Contest Challenges Young Authors

Nantucket’s past is full of exciting adventures and intriguing tales.  From June 22 through July 23, young writers have the opportunity to explore the island’s history and to use their imaginations to write stories that could win one of several prizes.  The Antiques Depot is kicking off their annual Antique […]