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Antique’s Depot Writing Competition

The Antiques Depot is hosting its fourth annual writing competition, encouraging young people and teens to explore the world of rare and special antique objects, and learn about our culture and history, while encouraging their creative imagination. The competition involves writing a fictional piece about an object they find in The Antiques Depot (no purchase necessary). The competition will once again have a separate category for adults.

Aspiring authors need to visit the shop, now relocated to 23 Federal Street, browse among the wide variety of curiosities on display, and find that one piece that sparks their imaginations, whether it’s a harpoon or relic from an old ship, a tribal piece collected by sailors from the Pacific Northwest or Pacific Islanders in the South Seas, fine porcelains or carvings brought back in the China Trade, or a rare artifact from the Revolutionary War.

After asking questions about the object’s identity and history, the authors can research their chosen piece at the Atheneum or an island museums. Then, putting their newfound knowledge and imagination to work, each will write a story about the chosen object that includes ideas like when it was made, where it was from, what was its purpose, what was its life like, what did it witness over the years? The piece can be a major prop in the story or a character.

The stories may be hand-written or printed, may be delivered either in person, by post, or by email, and must be submitted by July 20. Winning stories will be announced by July 28.

The stories submitted in the young people’s category will be judged by the proprietors, and the winners will receive their choice of prize from among a Kobo ereader, a vintage hand-crafted Ship-in-a-Bottle, a selection of Nantucket books, or gift certificate to The Antiques Depot. All prizes will include a special surprise from Annye’s Whole Foods!

Stories submitted by adults will be read by our judges: the proprietors, historian Betsy Tyler of the NHA, adult program coordinator Amy Jenness of the Nantucket Atheneum, and film director/screenwriter/professor Jay Craven of Marlboro College; the winner will receive a gift certificate to The Antiques Depot and a surprise from Annye’s Whole Foods.

For more details about the contest, stop by The Antiques Depot at 23 Federal Street or call 508-228-1287.

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