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Memorial Day Weekend on Nantucket can be busy and downtown full of boisterous partiers, so locals know that takeout is a good way to avoid the throngs and get a delicious meal whether you’re heading to the beach for a picnic, out on a boat, or just going home after a long day at work. Here are some of our staff favorites for fast food island-style and full meals ready to heat and eat.

Bartlett's Farm Takeout | Nantucket, MA Bartlett’s Farm Kitchen
Bartlett’s has you covered for breakfast, lunch, and dinner with grab and go sandwiches, dips, dinners, salads, soups, sides, and desserts. With Chef Neil Hudson at the helm and M.J. Mojer beside him, their food is restaurant quality! Just steps from the kitchen cases, you’ll find soft drinks and wine, plus chips and fresh fruit to complete your meal. Our staff favorites are the Curried Chicken Salad: with sweet pops of raisins it goes great spooned on top of bagel chips with a refreshing Spindrift seltzer to wash it down. Another tasty choice is the crunchy Raw Salad and fresh Codfish Cakes (which freeze well for a day you can’t get to the farm). 33 Bartlett Farm Road • 508-228-9403 • bartlettsfarm.com

Centre Street Bistro | Nantucket, MA Centre Street Bistro
Husband and wife owners and chefs, Ruth and Tim Pitts, serve sensational dishes year-round. Convenient if you are already in town and well worth fighting the traffic if you aren’t, this sit-down restaurant is very popular with locals for takeout. Drive in with a friend so you don’t have to park, or walk there and savor your meal in one of Nantucket’s pocket parks! Staff Favorites for lunch include: CSB’s BLT: best on the island with thick, crisp bacon and juicy tomatoes rolled in a flour tortilla with parmigiana aioli. Polenta Crostini: The light mixed greens pair remarkably with the rich and satisfying polenta, marinated tomato, goat cheese, and basil oil. Staff Favorites for dinner include: Smoked Salmon Taco: This dish is far from your average taco, with smoked salmon in a thin potato pancake, with salty capers, zesty lemon cream cheese, and fresh romaine. Bistro Shrimp: Perfectly cooked jumbo shrimp topped with a cool and fruity mango relish over a tangle of rice noodles and veg in red curry sauce.
29 Centre Street • 508-228-8470 • nantucketbistro.com

Easy Street Cantina | Nantucket, MA Easy Street Cantina
Another in-town takeout restaurant with plenty of indoor seating, a great patio, or take it to go! Their location is also perfect if you’ve just arrived on the SSA ferry or are about to depart and don’t want boat food. Their handbreaded fresh seafood is always a good choice, and they have specials and kidfriendly food, too. Staff favorites: Basil Chicken Salad Wrap is herby and fresh, perfect for a summer picnic. Fresh and tasty Fish Tacos are available by the box for a group. Their Grand Slamwich is the best breakfast on a bun you’ve ever had: bacon, sausage, ham, egg, & cheese—and it’s under 10 bucks and served all day!
2 Broad Street • 508-228-5418 • easystreetcantina.com

Siam to Go | Nantucket, MA Siam to Go
Tucked in the Nantucket Ice rink, here you can get tasty Thai takeout without worrying about where you’ll park. They have vegan & glutenfree options available upon request, and will adjust the heat of a dish to suit your taste. Staff favorites: The Summer Fresh Rolls are light and crisp, perfect for the warm days ahead and crunchy, sweet, and moist Orange Chicken with Fried Rice is delicious. Drunken Noodles with fresh chili, onion, mushroom, carrot, bell pepper, broccoli, bok choy, baby corn, and spicy sauce is another great choice.
10 Backus Ln (off Surfside Rd) • 508-228-7426 • siamtogonantucket.com

Crosswinds at the Airport | Nantucket, MA Crosswinds
Located at the airport, there’s plenty of parking for a quick in and out to grab your takeout at reasonable prices. It’s true that they’ll “leave your pockets full and your spirits soaring.” Kids love to watch the planes take off and land from their back patio. Staff favorites: Tuesday nights their Steakhouse Sizzle can’t be beat for $12.95. The Orecchiette Pasta with pancetta, button mushrooms, baby spinach, cherry tomatoes, and fresh basil in a chipotle cream sauce is worth the calorie splurge! We have a staffer who goes once a week for their Denver Omelette and banter with Larry.
Nantucket Airport • 508-228-6005 • crosswindsnantucket.com

Sophie T's Pizza | Nantucket, MA Sophie T’s
A Nantucket staple yearround and especially when the busy days of summer arrive! Eat-in or take-out, they have so much more than pizza; try their hearty salads, homemade soups, or Italian entrees. Staff favorites: Craving an off-island fast food burger? The ACK Mack Pizza with ground beef, American cheese, pickles, onions, special sauce, and sesame seed crust hits the spot. Their Greek Pizza is a vegetarian treat, and their Philly Style Cheese Steak is closest we’ve found on-island to the real thing!
7 Daves Street • 508-325-6265 • sophietspizza.com

Nantucket Bake Shop | Nantucket, MA Nantucket Bake Shop
Located mid-island, this iconic island bakery is good for a quick breakfast or picking up additions to your meal or dessert. Jay’s donuts (made fresh in the wee hours of the morning) sell out fast, so go early to get your Boston Creme. Staff favorite: Any of their Donuts; their Cheese Straws to serve with appetizers and a glass of wine, Magee’s fabulous fresh Fruit Tarts will be the highlight of any party. We can’t forget their authentic Portuguese Bread: the original recipe and best on the island!
17-1/2 Old South Road • 508-228-2797 • nantucketbakeshop.com

There’s plenty of parking at this mid-island year-round spot with eat-in and takeout options. Takeout orders can be picked up at the hostess stand, avoiding the bustling bar area (also a great spot for a quick lunch). Staff favorites: The Gray Lady Filet sandwich is delicious and huge, the cod is coated in Cisco’s Gray Lady beer batter, and we love the Steak & Cheese served as a rollup instead of the hoagie, you get more of the meat and cheese flavor as opposed to bread. Always substitute sweet potato fries here, they’re terrific! If you decide to eat-in at Faregrounds, they have all-you-can-eat and early bird specials every night.
27 Fairgounds Road • 508-228-4095 • thefaregrounds.com

Shangrila | Nantucket, MA Shangri-La
On Orange Street, where Fooods used to be, they still carry all the Fooods favorites with the addition of a full menu of sushi and curry entrees. Staff favorites include anything from their Sushi Menu, the Chicken Teriyaki, or Buffalo Chicken Pizza with spicy chicken & blue cheese drizzle.
149 Orange St. • 508-228-4291 • shangrilanantucket.com

The Bean | Nantucket, MA The Bean
Online ordering makes this in-town location a quick turnaround for takeout when you are in a hurry and with very customizable options on their website you can order online to pick up and go. It’s also a comfy spot to savor freshly brewed coffee from freshly roasted beans and check in with social media on their wifi. Staff favorites: The Foggy Island with tuna salad, capers, arugula, red onions, mayo, and cheddar on wheat. Steps Flatbread pizza has grilled chicken, mozzarella, spinach, bacon, sun-dried tomatoes and ranch dressing. It’s ideal for pizza-lovers looking for something lighter than a traditional pie. The Funghi: a panini-like sandwich with roasted portobellos, provolone, arugula, sundried tomatoes and balsamic glaze; order this on their crunchy outside, soft inside ciabatta bread.
4 India Street • 508-228-6215 • www.thebeantakeout.com

Yummy | Nantucket, MA Yummy
Right on the Surfside Bike Path, this takeout spot is convenient if you are on bike heading out to the beach or out on a stroll mid-island. Bonus: 10% off with the ad in this paper! Staff favorites: The Surf Dogs with crispy onions, lettuce, slider sauce on grilled brioche and The Surf Chix with grilled chicken, havarti, applewood smoked bacon, guac, & a dash of sriracha.
63 Surfside Road • 508-228- 2712 • yummynantucket.com

Downyflake | Nantucket, MA Downyflake
A busy breakfast & lunch spot, their entire menu is available for takeout. Famous for their donuts, they now offer bagels with a variety of flavored cream cheese. Staff favorites: Their Fruit Bowl is substantial and fresh, pair it with eggs for breakfast and add a donut to dunk! Lunch is always a Classic Tuna Melt or their Fish & Chips with golden fried sole, fries, slaw, and a freshly baked biscuit—Scotch Irish Cake is a must for dessert!
18 Sparks Avenue • 508-228-4533 • www.thedownyflake.com

Thai House | Nantucket, MA Thai House
Near the airport with parking, we get takeout from here when ordering for a crowd so we can all get a taste of a variety of our favorites: Shumai, Crispy Spring Rolls, Pad Thai with chicken or fried tofu, and Thai Lomain with shrimp. At lunchtime, they offer a buffet-style takeout with half-a-dozen or so Thai favorites. We love their curries, especially the Massaman with chicken, avocado, onions, and peanuts.
118 Old South Rd. • 508-680-1522 • www.ackthaihouse.com

Petticoat Row Bakery | Nantucket, MA Petticoat Row
Known for their eye-catching and mouthwatering cupcakes and cookies, Petticoat Row now offers a selection of Sandwiches and Afternoon Tea with pastries and tea sandwiches with expanded seating so you can enjoy your order there or take it to go. Staff favorite: any of their Cupcakes or their Roasted Garlic & Asiago Baguette included in a picnic with some cheese & salami. For tea, their classic Cucumber & Boursin sandwich.
35 Centre Street • 508-228-3700 • petticoatrowbakery.com

Sousa's Seafood | Nantucket, MA Souza’s
This small, family-run seafood store is located mid-island. Pick up some fresh fish or shellfish to cook for dinner, Bluefish Paté for cocktail time, and call ahead to order perfectly Cooked Lobster for yourself or for a crowd – just phone it in! Remember to enter their Mega Fish Drawing when you stop by to pick up your catch.
23 Trotters Lane • 508-228-9140

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