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Box of Tears | Nantucket, MA
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Box of Tears

by Robert P. Barsanti My son came back from April vacation with a date for prom. This fact rose up from the sea and flopped up onto the beach in front of me. I looked at this heaving thing and, as one does, accepted that this is what must be. […]

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The Caretaker

by Robert P. Barsanti I imagine that they had come into some money. Not an amount of money that would require lawyers, stock brokers, and accountants. But some money. Enough. So they rented a house in Tom Nevers with four bed rooms, three baths, and a distant water view. They […]

Leaving it all behind on Nantucket
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Best of Luck

•  by Robert P. Barsanti  • July and August depend a great deal on what you see and what you choose to ignore. The houseguests come in those months, predominantly, and we live a parallel life to theirs.  All of them are great friends from other times: We have heard […]