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Island Cooking

Sunshine Dance

by Chef Jenn Farmer Lately I have been on a tropical foods kick. I love our local cuisine, and since we are on an island with a maritime history, the local food has long been influenced by exotic flavors from other locales. Whether it is Asian or Caribbean it has […]

Island Cooking

Tasty Experiments

by Chef Jenn Farmer Much like life, cooking is full of experimentation. Also much like life it can be with great outcome. And other times, well…not so much. Our very existence here is very short in my opinion. Why not try everything we can at least once, or even twice. […]

Island Cooking

Ravenous Spring

by Chef Jenn Farmer Plump little green shoots burst from the dark soil and the ocean’s salty breath seems milder as the warm sun starts stealing the sting from her. It is a time of new and fresh beginnings. Soon round pink radishes, lanky asparagus, and tender greens will grace […]