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Nantucket Comedy Festival
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Joking Geniuses Return for Nantucket Comedy Festival

•  by Abigail Terres  • We are all familiar with classic “knock-knock” jokes, however at this year’s Nantucket Comedy Festival from July 15-18, there is much more to expect than these simple gags. The Nantucket Comedy Festival, founded eight years ago, is an annual festival that hosts nationally recognized comedians […]

The Children's Cafe on Nantucket
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Feasting and Fun at the Beach on Nantucket

Every summer morning, Children’s Beach is a hub of activity for all ages.  Little ones chase each other across the soft grass of the spacious lawn while older kids swing and climb on the playground equipment.  Parents gather to watch and to enjoy some adult conversation.  Couples sit on the […]

Leaving it all behind on Nantucket
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Best of Luck

•  by Robert P. Barsanti  • July and August depend a great deal on what you see and what you choose to ignore. The houseguests come in those months, predominantly, and we live a parallel life to theirs.  All of them are great friends from other times: We have heard […]