One of Ben Larrabee’s family portraits on display at the ‘Sconset Café on Nantucket now through September 13, 2015
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Nationally Recognized Photographer Exhibits in Sconset Cafe on Nantucket

For the ninth year in a row Ben Larrabee, a nationally recognized photographer with work in the permanent collections of museums, including the MOMA in New York and The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, is exhibiting a show of his family portraits at the ‘Sconset Café on Nantucket.


The annual transformation of the ‘Sconset Café, owned by Rolf and Cindy Nelson, started when the couple invited Larrabee to hang exclusively in their restaurant after customers responded so enthusiastically to an initial showing of his photographs. Nelson says, “Everyone loves Ben’s photos. They are the perfect compliment to the intimate atmosphere. They say so much about Nantucket and our family values.”

The Café, situated at the end of the Milestone Road and in the heart of ‘Sconset village, is a cornerstone of the community and a meeting place for family and friends. Larrabee says, “The unique combination of beautifully prepared food and images that show love and connection is unforgettable.”

Ben Larrabee and his wife, Trudie, will be on Nantucket photographing families between July 25 and August 9, 2015. Larrabee’s family portraits are found in some of the finest homes from Santa Barbara to Chicago to New York. For more information visit or call 203.656.3807


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