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Emily Brooke Rubin on Nantucket
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Shop within a Shop

On Centre Street, near where it crosses Broad by the Jared Coffin House, there is a unique store within a store. Two shops that were originally on Old South Wharf have been united under one roof at 40 Centre: Sweet Liddle and Emilly Brooke Rubin. You step through the front […]

Emily Brooke Rubin Jewelry | Nantucket | MA
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Emilly Brooke Rubin Jewelry

With 25 years of experience making and selling jewelry on the island and 11 years on Old South Wharf, Emilly Rubin took the opportunity at the end of last year’s season to make the move uptown from the wharves. Last week’s article focused on the Sweet Liddle section of the […]

Emily Brooke Rubin | Sweet Liddle | Nantucket | MA
Nantucket Style

Emilly Brooke Rubin – Eye on Style

Making the move uptown from the wharves was a blessing for Emilly Brooke Rubin, and a well-deserved one. At the end of last season she packed up her two stores on Old South Wharf, Sweet Liddle and her jewelry shop, and moved them both into the current 40 Centre Street […]