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Nantucket Style

The Seconds Shop

by Sarah McNamara Nantucket’s streets are teeming with some of the country’s most stylish people, but who says you have to break the bank just to look good? Prada shoes for $15…a white leather Bergdorf Goodman blazer for $40…J. Crew pants for $4?! The Seconds Shop at 17B North Beach […]

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The Intellectual Outdoorsman

The air is balmy and the sun smiles as I find the discrete nook of Nantucket town that is the Vestal Street headquarters of the Maria Mitchell Association. I meander about the premises for a little, drinking in the dreamlike greenness of it all and feeling a bit like Alice […]

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The “Smuggling Hole”

A Mary Miles Classic The notorious island woman Kezia Coffin gained a huge fortune during the Revolutionary War at the expense of her fellow Nantucketers, pulling more than one fast one on both British and Americans. She later lost everything she gained by her questionable practices. She didn’t lose her […]

Island Science

Is Nantucket Sinking?

by Dr. Sarah D. Oktay Managing Director UMass Boston Nantucket Field Station This spring on a Q&A feature of a question was submitted by a teacher named Vienna. She wrote: “Is Nantucket sinking? My class is doing a state report and my student needs to know if Nantucket is […]

Nantucket Essays

They’re Here

by Robert P. Barsanti The neighbors have arrived. They brought their dogs. The dogs come racing in from both sides, clash in our yards, and then go dashing after each other in an early summer clash for suburban dominance. Their owners slid the sliding glass doors shut. We all like […]

Nantucket Style


by Sarah McNamara Jessica Hicks, the stylish and artistic owner of Posh, has opened her doors on South Water Street with a fresh new look for the season.  The store has gotten a new coat of warm gold  paint, and her collection has a hot new line for spring and […]

Nantucket Land Bank
Insider Tips

Insider Tips & Staff Picks # 1

Our staff at Yesterday’s Island / Today’s Nantucket loves sharing the island with our readers, and we want you to make the most of your time here.   That’s why we are launching a new weekly column called Insider Tips & Staff Picks, where we’ll share with you our favorite things […]

Nantucket Events

Nantucket Art Alfresco

Green grass, shining boat masts, fragrant flowers, and colorful art – spring on Nantucket!  The Artists Association of Nantucket (AAN) is pleased to invite the public to its first 2012 Sidewalk Art Show on Saturday, May 26, 10 am to 3 pm in the garden of the Nantucket Atheneum, India […]