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Apply for a Grant

The Nantucket Cultural Council, part of the nation’s largest grassroots cultural funding network, is accepting proposals from organizations, schools, and individuals to apply for grants that support cultural activities in the community. According to Council spokesperson Jordana Fleischut, these grants can support a variety of artistic projects and activities on […]

Island Cooking

Flame Following a Spark

by Jenn Farmer “There is no sincerer love than the love of food,” George Bernard Shaw     Back in 2003 was the first time I remember having a conversation with Dante Benatti. At the time he was taking pictures of people late at night in a restaurant/nightclub I frequented. I […]

Featured Articles

It’s Easy Growing Greens!

Unless we’re talking bleu cheese, anyone will tell you that fresh food just tastes better. Herbs are no exception, but their supermarket price seems be steadily climbing. A growing number of shoppers are choosing to cultivate their own herbs at home. The home vegetable farming trend might be a bit […]

Island Science

Harvesting Wild Island Food

by Dr. Sarah D. Oktay Managing Director UMass Boston Nantucket Field Station One of the most charming and frankly useful things about the island is the variety of edible plants, fungi, and animals that exist naturally in almost every corner of the landscape. Over the past several years in this […]

Maritime Festival
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Celebrating Life by the Sea, Maritime Festival

by Sarah Teach Living on an island, our lives are rich with bounty from the sea. One way that we celebrate the joy of living here is by experiencing the time-honored maritime activities enjoyed by generations of islanders before us. The Egan Maritime Institute has organized a day packed with […]

Greater Light
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Four Centuries of Domestic Life

by Amy Roberts Nantucket’s architecture provides great insight into the history of domestic life over nearly 400 hundred years. A walk along the historic downtown streets reveals captivating and contrasting architectural elements that echo the lives of island residents. From the colonial settlement era of the seventeenth- century to the […]

Nantucket Essays

In the Divine Light of September

by Robert P. Barsanti The radio rolled out with attacks in Libya, a new iPhone in California, and a memorial service at the World Trade Centers before it muttered out the    “Beach and Boating Forecast” and the tides for the day. Then I shut it off. Instead of the radio […]

Island Cooking

The Wild Side of Baking

by Chef Jenn Farmer The Autumn harvest seems to be in full swing, and one of my favorite things to gather are grapes, in particular, wild grapes. They smell divine and, though very tart, have a depth of flavor that is incomparable. My mother recently asked me for some grape […]

Nantucket Events

Fall Brings Isle Fair

September has arrived bearing the gift of stillness. The air is growing crisper, and most islanders seem to welcome the change in the weather. After all, along with the cool breezes comes the chance to reconnect with friends after a full season of busyness. The ideal venue for this is […]