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A Picasso

• by Sarah Teach • Picasso sits alone in a dingy brick basement with the trappings of an interrogation room. Cold concrete floors. Bare light bulbs. A single table flanked by upright chairs, designed for discomfort. But the oddity of this interrogation room is that stacks of paintings line both […]

Nantucket Scallops
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Bubble and Bivalves

• by Carri L. Wroblewski, BRIX Wine Shop • Opening day on Nantucket is sacred. We wait all year long for it—and, no, I’m not talking about baseball. As the calendar lets go of the last days of September we impatiently await the start of October—the beginning of family scalloping […]

Red | Theatre Workshop of Nantucket
Nantucket Arts, Nantucket Events

Red – A Play by John Logan

• by Sarah Teach • Twentieth century artists frame the fall lineup at Theatre Workshop of Nantucket. Showing in repertory with Jeffrey Hatcher’s A Picasso is playwright John Logan’s Red, which dramatizes a defining period in the life of abstract expressionist painter Mark Rothko. A Picasso and Red share the […]

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5 Minutes on Nantucket September 27

• by Sarah Teach • “All I’ve ever wanted to do is make people laugh.”  Stand-up comedian Brian Glowacki, a 6’1” cue ball, is an elm of a man.  He takes the stage like your dad does the barbecue: ready to crack a brew and hang, but also itching to […]

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Devil’s Snare on Nantucket

• by Dr. Sarah Oktay, Director, University of Massachusetts Nantucket Field Station Summer and early fall apparently are a Nantucket playground for the Devil’s snare plant. If you are a lover of the Harry Potter books you may remember Devil’s snare as a large strangling, treacherous plant that Harry, Hermione, […]

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Nantucket Maritime Festival September 20

Ahoy, islanders! All sorts of maritime-related activities will take place from 10 am to 4 pm at Children’s Beach and the nearby Brant Point.  Perhaps best of all, every activity is absolutely free! Just once a year, the Coast Guard opens up the Brant Point Light to the public.  This […]