The Daggers at Cisco Brewery | Nantucket, MA
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The Daggers at Cisco Brewery

The Daggers at Cisco Brewery | Nantucket, MA
Photo by Greg Mentor

The Daggers, Cape Cod’s aural architects of the indefatigable dance party, come to Nantucket on June 8th to get you up on your feet at Cisco Brewery. With a combination of styles incorporating the best of R&B, rock, funk and punk, The Daggers can play as exquisitely as the light from a summer sunset or with as much attitude as the wind whipping from a Nor’easter. This is a band that likes to have fun. Their original songwriting demonstrates a deft storytelling style and leaves room for the kind of refrains that could someday become rock anthems.

Join them Wednesday, June 8th at Cisco Brewery from 4:30 to 7 pm, Bartlett Farm Road.

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