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Nantucket isn’t a very big place, but it can still be hard to check everything off your must-see list during your summer stay. One island establishment that most seem to make it to, though, is Cisco Brewers.
There’s something for everyone at the brewery. It’s dog-friendly with beautiful views and tasty food, surrounded by sea breezes and lush gardens. There are puppet shows for the kids and live music for everyone, food trucks galore, and fun of all kinds. And of course, there’s Cisco’s long list of libations produced locally with love.

Rums on Nantucket
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Smooth Sailing Rums

by Advanced Sommelier Jenny Benzie Salt air breezes, toes in the sand, and sunshine on your face are all synonymous with island living on Nantucket, and no other spirit can make a cocktail that emulates life on an island quite like rum. Rum, made from sugarcane or a molasses product, […]

Cisco Brewery | Nantucket, MA
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Hoppy Happiness – Canned Beers

by Jenny Benzie, Advanced Sommelier + Certified Wine Educator, Proprietress of Épernay Wine & Spirits Life is full of choices these days, including the selection of exciting, tasty canned beers currently available on the market. With the rise of numerous micro-brews across the United States in every region, along with […]

The Daggers at Cisco Brewery | Nantucket, MA
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The Daggers at Cisco Brewery

The Daggers, Cape Cod’s aural architects of the indefatigable dance party, come to Nantucket on June 8th to get you up on your feet at Cisco Brewery. With a combination of styles incorporating the best of R&B, rock, funk and punk, The Daggers can play as exquisitely as the light […]