Exploring Nantucket

Exploring Nantucket

Consider the Cranberry

Though most of the season’s harvests have come to a close, one of our region’s most prized pieces of produce is just about to float to the surface. Before long, the bogs will be flooded for wet harvesting and machinery will be rolled out for dry harvesting, and that precious red fruit will begin its journey to your holiday dinners.

Sanford Farm | Nantucket, MA
Exploring Nantucket

Walking the Farm with Four-Legged Friends

In these days of social distancing and staying inside, we all find ourselves missing some of the best Nantucket has to offer. No, we’re not talking about the Daffy, Wine Fest, or Figawi, or any of the fun festivals that have been taken off this season’s calendar or made virtual. We’re talking about everything the outdoors has to offer on our one-of-a-kind island.

Exploring Nantucket

Museum Experiences Go Virtual

While the museum remains temporarily closed due to COVID-19 restrictions, the public can still enjoy a virtual experience of what the Nantucket Shipwreck and Lifesaving Museum has to offer. Enjoy exhibits and artifacts ranging from the Breeches Buoy, an ingenious shore-to-ship rescue device akin to a zip line today, or hear the story of the Wreck of the W.F. Marshall in which all lives were saved including that of a very large Newfoundland dog.

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June Is for the Rose

Nantucket is known for its roses, particularly in the town of ‘Sconset…such quaint, squinting faces, smiling as you stroll past. This season, we might be greeted by the roses more often than our usual annual visitors. As with people, roses can be a bit thorny, but give them a chance and you’ll see that the more attention you pay, the more sunsets you spend, a “New Dawn’ will rise. Roses can be a complicated and unforgiving challenge, but when done right, there is no better reward. Whether it be heirloom roses or hybrid tea, one thing holds true, you’ll need sunlight. . .

Exploring Nantucket

A New Approach for Library Services

Staff of the Nantucket Atheneum are very eager to get books back in yourhands, and starting June 8, this will begin to happen.

During Phase 1 of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts’ opening schedule,the Atheneum has been completing some necessary maintenance and preparingthe front entrance for curbside service.

Exploring Nantucket

Hands-On, Unique New Kids’ Program Offered by MMA

From the first Native American inhabitants of the island, to the arrival of colonial settlers and the whaling industry, to the life of Maria Mitchell, America’s first professional female astronomer, Nantucket is rich in history. In the spirit of Maria Mitchell’s belief in learning by doing, “A Walk Through Nantucket” […]