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by Suzanne Daub

Estate jewelry has a timeless beauty with details and expert craftsmanship that is rarely seen today… unless you discover R. Simantov’s Nantucket shop along Easy Street at 1 Old North Wharf.

In this charming location, jewelry designer Reubin Simantov offers a carefully curated collection of unique vintage pieces. Jewelry like an Art Deco yachting sail brooch sparkling with diamonds of many cuts, shapes, and sizes. It’s a wearable piece of artwork with exquisite details that include a curved sail, a waving burgee, a sailor on deck, and even waves in front of the hull.

And there’s a magnificent Art Nouveau brooch-pendant circa 1904 with six translucent Plique-a-Jour enamel waterlilies along its 26-inch chain. Signed by Plisson et Hartz, this treasure is destined for a museum “where it can be enjoyed by many for years to come.”

R. Simantov has a passion for fine jewelry, a passion that he loves to share with those who appreciate splendid craftsmanship. Alongside the estate jewelry are his own stunning creations, masterfully made and destined to become new classics—heirlooms for generations to come. His goal is “to resurrect the pride in and value of jewelry along with the skills of jewelry makers who dedicated their lives to the craft.”

During a recent visit to his Nantucket shop, Reubin showed us his newest designs, among them Scarab Rings. A cherished symbol of ancient Egypt, scarabs were worn as a protective talisman, symbols of resurrection, transformation, growth, and rebirth. Jewelry with presence, these rings are crafted from 18k green gold, these rings are set with hand-carved scarabs—some cameo, some intaglio—using aquamarine, turquoise, lapis, and ametrine. The bands are carved like snakes (guardians of the Egyptians), and inset into each side is a gem that sparkles like the sun: colorful sapphires, mother of pearl, moonstone.

Because R. Simantov begins with rough gems and uses his own team to cut them to fit his vision, his clients can be a part of the process from the very start, even choosing the gemstones they want featured in the jewelry he creates for them. Many enjoy sitting with Reubin in his shop garden, sipping and selecting just the right color and depth.

His extraordinary scarab rings are just one example of the stunning designs, fine details, and expert craftmanship of R. Simantov. His display cases are filled with necklaces, earrings, bracelets, cuffs, brooches, cufflinks the likes of which you’ll see nowhere else. Many of his designs have a touch of whimsy: turn over an earring and you may find a tiny carved crab, behind a ring you may discover a tiny seahorse. This designer truly does bring the artistry of the past into the p resent for future generations.

R. Simantov is open daily at 1 Old North Wharf along Easy Street
Appointments are welcomed: 917-324-4410

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