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Airport Emergency Exercise on Wednesday, September 24 from 10am-2pm

airport logo Nantucket Memorial Airport will be executing a full scale “Emergency Response Exercise” on Wednesday, September 24.  The “Emergency Response Exercise” is a full-scale, interagency deployment of on-island resources, with the goal of providing continuous improvement of emergency services to the flying public and the citizens of the county of Nantucket.

The Exercise is a tri-annual requirement of the Airport as mandated by the FAA, and has been expanded this year to simulate a multi-agency response for an incident on Airport property.  The scenario assumes a crash of a commercial airliner, with the subsequent rescue resulting in a number of patients that would overwhelm the Island’s current response plan.

The purpose of the Exercise is to provide participants with an opportunity to evaluate current concepts, plans, and capabilities for responding to an aircraft disaster at the airport.  The Exercise will focus on key local emergency responder coordination, critical decisions, and the integration of State and Federal assets necessary to save lives and protect the public health following an accident.

The Exercise will begin at approximately 10:00 am on Wednesday, September 24th, lasting for 3-4 hours.

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