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5 Minutes on Nantucket September 27

• by Sarah Teach •

“All I’ve ever wanted to do is make people laugh.”  Stand-up comedian Brian Glowacki, a 6’1” cue ball, is an elm of a man.  He takes the stage like your dad does the barbecue: ready to crack a brew and hang, but also itching to get down to business.  The Nantucket native doesn’t resort to audience insults or exhausting the expletive card.  He’s a gentle guy, but he’s got some killer jokes.

“In 2011, I was enrolled in a stand-up comedy writing class as a gift,” he says.  “I knew from the first time I went onstage that comedy would be a part of my life forever.”  As the leading man of the Nantucket-based band Perfect Day, publicly using his voice wasn’t too far a leap for Glowacki.

“I would say at this stage of my ‘career’ that my comedic style is still evolving.  I poke a lot of fun at myself because it’s cheaper than therapy.  When I get offstage, I want the audience to have learned something about me:  about my life and wher

Brian Glowacki Photo by Yellow Productions
Brian Glowacki Photo by Yellow Productions

e I came from.  I like feeling that even though I may be on stage with a microphone, that we’re all just hanging together.  I like to keep my act as conversational as possible.”  Thought he’s a kind and generous comic, it still doesn’t mean you can bring the kids.  Glowacki continues, “I wouldn’t call myself clean.  I’d have to say that I’m naughty but not dirty.  I always want to do a set that might make my mother cringe but not make her want to leave or beat me with a belt.”  Offstage, Glowacki is soft-spoken and earnest.  Those closest to him describe him as honest, loyal.  You might say he’s a stand-up stand-up.

Glowacki has lived on Nantucket his entire life, save for a handful of months here and there.  “Without a doubt, humor is important to people who live on Nantucket.  We’ve had some tragedies and hard times as a community.  Laughter is what brings us all back together.  I choose to stay on Nantucket,” he says, “because it would be too expensive to load all my things onto the boat.”  He grins.  “No, really, I love it here.  It’s such a unique and supportive place.  I always talk about leaving, but I’m sure I never could.  My roots are here.”

See Glowacki perform every Monday night from 6-7 p.m. at the Starlight Theater in downtown Nantucket.  This September 27 at 8 p.m., Glowacki will be filming his first-ever comedy special at the Dreamland.  Watch it all happen in the Main Theater by getting tickets for $20 at dreamlandtickets.org.  Attendees will be able to pre-order the DVD, which is slated for release this fall.

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