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Ships Inn | Nantucket, MA

A Genuine Classic in a Complete Package

by C. Oscar Olson The number of fine dining establishments on this island has got to be one of the highest per square foot on the planet. North or south, east, west, and everywhere in between, we are sublimely spoiled with good food. But even with all this abundance, it …

Beach Shack | Nantucket, MA

Come for the Beach, Stay for the Food

by C. Oscar Olson The restaurant business can be a thankless institution no matter where you set foot, but this seems especially true on Nantucket. In my short time on this island, I’ve witnessed what seems like every spot on The Rock opt for new management, switch out chefs, change …

Sandbar | Nantucket, MA

Smiles at The Sandbar

by C. Oscar Olson There are very few restaurants on Nantucket that truly have it all. Ample parking, kid friendly, outdoor seating, and, of course, a great menu. And breathtaking ocean views. And easy access to the beach. And I could keep going on, but keep reading and you’ll see …

Dune Restaurant | Nantucket, MA

Best Bites of 2017

Here are our choices for “Best Bites” at Nantucket Restaurants for 2017: these are our favorite dishes among those we tasted during our Featured Restaurant visits this season – appetizers and entrees that we’d love to have again. Some of these dishes that we enjoyed during July and August were …