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Nantucket Historical Association | Artifact from the Bounty

Artifact from Wreck of the Bounty

The Nantucket Historical Association (NHA) is pleased to announce that it is the recipient of a generous gift from Glynn Christian, a direct descendent and biographer of Fletcher Christian, the leader of the 1789 mutiny on the British Royal Navy vessel Bounty. The artifact is a piece of copper hull …

Arthur Cooper

A Look Back … Segregation on Nantucket

by Amy Jenness Despite its reputation as a 19th century antislavery stronghold, Nantucket’s first generations of European settlers owned slaves and the process of integrating the island has at times been a difficult one. In 1659, nine English families purchased large portions of the island and came here to establish …

Nantucket Antiques, Nantucket MA

Antiques Snippets – Scrimshaw Swifts

Commonly asked questions and misunderstandings about antiques… and the odd or end fascinating bit! One of the most common questions we are asked, almost on a daily basis, is what are these intricate lattice-work devices? When I press them to guess, people most often say a device to hang laundry …

History of Wireless on Nantucket

First Wireless on Nantucket

~ by Amy Jenness ~ Siasconset’s new Marconi Wireless Station received its first signal from the Nantucket lightship on August 12 in 1901. The two crews established a connection and then the ‘Sconset station asked the lightship crew: “How are you all? What’s doing?” The lightship crew responded with the …