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What’s New on Nantucket – August 2014

Treats to Savor Slowly

Nantucket Candy Company | Nantucket | MA Nantucket Candy Company at 48 Centre Street has the perfect chocolate treat to savor slowly: turtles!   Their Sea Salt Caramel Turtles are a heavenly blend of slow roasted pecans or cashews, handmade with buttery, rich caramel, chocolate and of course, sea salt, which tops off this perfect creation. Our luscious caramel is made in small batches to ensure that it is soft and will melt in your mouth with every bite. These turtles come in several versions: white chocolate, dark, milk. If you are a cranberry lover, you must try our Signature Cranberry Sea Salt Turtles. This divine fusion of sweet, buttery and salty flavors is sure to please your palate. Stop into this shop at Centre & Broad sts. today to try them!

Harnessing the Sun to Help

Great news on the green front: solar-powered trash compacting receptacles were installed last week on “The Strip” on Broad Street, and at Surfside, Jetties, and Children’s beaches. Additional installations will take place as the Department of Public Works sees fit. After solar-powered trash bins were approved for funding at town meeting this year, BigBelly Solar won the contract via the state bid list. Each receptacle is computerized to report real-time data to let the DPW know how full the bin is, saving time and energy. After just nine days of use, Director of Nantucket’s DPW Kara Buzanoski is pleased with their performance, saying, “The receptacles seem to be working well.”

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