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Nantucket Daffodil Festival 2023
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Highlight of Nantucket’s Daffodil Festival

From the very beginning, the Nantucket Garden Club’s Daffodil Flower Show has been the centerpiece of our island’s annual Daffodil Festival. It all started nearly half a century ago in May of 1975, when the Nantucket Garden Club, encouraged by member Jean MacAusland, organized the first Nantucket Daffodil Show. Sanctioned […]

Conservation Commendation
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Commendations for Island Conservation

Nantucket is at an environmental inflection point: growth, development, and climate change are creating environmental challenges impacting the quality of life for everyone on this fragile island. Together we can make a positive difference, one garden at a time. What we plant in our gardens impacts wildlife, our water, and […]

Nantucket Garden Club Annual House and Garden Tour
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Private Gardens Open for a Day

~ by Abigail Terres ~ When visitors round the bend of Brant Point Lighthouse, beginning their trip to Nantucket in August, there is no escaping the sweet smell of privet that is cast over the island. Daffodils, hydrangeas, privet, and more are natives to this island and in many opinions, […]

Nantucket Flower Show | Nantucket Garden Club
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Bouquets of Fun

~ by Mary Jo Beck, The Nantucket Garden Club ~ Got green…a green thumb, that is? Are you just learning, interested in growing things, or starting and growing your own flower or vegetable garden? Growing tips, ideas, and inspiration await you at the 2015 Green Thumb Flower Show, which takes […]

Hadwin House
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A “Main Event”

• by Sarah Teach • Every summer, the Nantucket Garden Club crafts a tour of some of the island’s most spectacular houses and gardens. Throughout the tour’s previous 58 years, visitors have ambled up Baxter Road and moseyed down Orange Street. “This year, we chose Main Street,” says House Tour […]

Sussex Garden
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A Rare View of Private Gardens

On Thursday, June 20, from 10 am to 4 pm, the public is invited to visit six private gardens on Nantucket Island, during the Garden Conservancy’s Open Days program.  Admission to each garden is $5.  The Open Day is rain or shine, and no reservations are required. A portion of […]

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Seeking Daffodils

by Suzanne Daub Daffodils come in a stunning range of colors, shapes, and sizes, and every year new variations are introduced. With millions blooming every year on Nantucket, it can be hard to pick a favorite. The most commonly recognized is the trumpet daffodil with yellow petals (perianth) and yellow […]